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It is no secret that the Chinese New Year goodies are basically tons of fats in disguise and with the festive mood in the air, our stringent diets become more lax and our exercise routine… well, what exercise?

An indulgent diet and a lack of exercise is essentially the perfect recipe for weight gain. While losing that additional weight that we have gained over the festive seasons require truckloads of hard work and serious dedication, we first need to know just how much calories there are in the goodies to determine how hard we need to pay back in the gym.

And on that note, let’s begin tapping on our calorie-calculator…


Bak kwa

The combination of savory and sweet makes Bak Kwa one of the most sought after snacks during the festive season. Being one of the most calorically dense Chinese New Year snacks, this square of goodness packs in179 calories in a single slice and while it take an average of 2 minutes to consume this heavenly slice, it requires an average of 33 minutes of torturous labour at the gym to burn them off.

Activity Duration to burn off calories (mins)
Walking 60
Jogging 30
Elliptical Trainer 26
Stationery Bike 40
Circuit Training 25
Jumping Rope 20

pineapple tart

Pineapple tarts are the all time favourite but just 3 pieces of pineapple tarts chalk up to 240 calories which takes a painful average of 44.5 minutes to burn off the calories consumed.

Activity Duration to burn off calories (mins)
Walking 80
Jogging 40
Elliptical trainer 34
Stationery Bike 53
Circuit training 33
Jumping rope 27

Srping rolls with chicken floss

They may look tiny and harmless, but these insidious spring rolls with chicken floss can do some serious damage to your waistline. With just 5 of these mini spring rolls pack 110 calories and judging by how addictive these crunchies are…  who are we kidding if we said we stopped at 5. In order to burn off the calories consumed in just 5 tiny spring rolls, an average of 21 minutes of hard work to say goodbye to these calories.

Activity Duration to burn off calories (mins)
Walking 37
Jogging 19
Elliptical trainer 16
Stationery Bike 24
Circuit training 15
Jumping rope 13

nian gao

This ooey gooey piece of decadence is a must have during the annual Chinese New Year festivity. But just a tiny square of fried nian gao contains a substantial 380 calories, more than a bowl of white rice. So if you are like us, who simply can’t say no to the subtle sweetness and melty texture of fried nian gao, say hello to an average of 69 mins at the work out station just to burn off the tiny square of awesomeness.

Did you also know that just 3 pieces of Kuih Bahulu contain 120 calories and takes an average of 23 grueling minutes to burn off? And those 3 melting pieces of heaven of Kuih Bangkit contain 70 calories and takes an average of 14 minutes to eliminate them while 3 rolls of love letters is enough to pack in 170 calories. That takes an average of 32 demanding minutes at the gym to work off the calories!

Post-festive Weight Gain Solutions

Amaris B Clinic interior image

Now that you’ve calculated the typical amount of calories in your Chinese New Year goodies, we’re guessing the numbers reflected on your calculator is cause for worry. Just thinking about the number of hours you need to spend on the back-breaking elliptical trainer or the additional days you need to spend in the gym, amidst the already time constraining work environment, is enough to send us spiraling into insanity of sorts. But before you start tearing your hair out ladies, we’re letting you in on a secret… We’ve got an easy and gym-free solution to that distressing weight gain of yours!

Amaris B. Clinic is the place to resolve all your weight gain issues. Being able to confront these unwelcomed baggages, the doctors at Amaris B. Clinic address your needs accordingly with a personalized treatment for the quickest and most satisfying results. One of Amaris B Clinic’s signature services is their myriad of fat reduction and body sculpting services that are able to render the body transformation that you desperately need.

Liposuction: Body Contouring & Spot Reduction since 2004

From Vaser Liposelection (VASERlipo) and SmartLipo to Vaser Hi-DefLipo, Amaris B. Clinic is an established aesthetic practice whose performs body sculpting.

Their range of fat removal treatments can help, both men and women, achieve their dream bodies effectively. Hassle-free and definitely gym-free, these minimally invasive body contouring and spot reduction treatments result in womanly curves and masculine definition that are highly coveted.

Vaser Liposelection (VASERlipo) for those with substantial areas of fat

The latest minimally invasive liposuction technology, Vaser Liposelection (VASERlipo) targets the most stubborn of fat cells, especially the areas in the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, back, knees, neck and even chin. This gentle treatment effectively targets stubborn yet delicate areas while safely leaving important tissues undisturbed.

SmartLipo for spot fat reduction

For smaller areas with fat concentration such as the waist, love handles, upper arms, double chin and the nape of the neck, SmartLipo is the perfect treatment. This minimally invasive fat reduction treatment uses focused laser technology that not only eliminates fat but it also encourages collagen and elastin production, leaving the skin tauter.

Vaser Hi-DefLipo for the fitness buffs

The answer for those who yearn for a more athletic build is the Vaser Hi-DefLipo. An advanced 3-dimensional body sculpting treatment, it adopts advanced body sculpting ultrasonic technology to reduce fat around muscle groups. With the muscle structures being chiseled out, it enhances the underlying musculature, leaving you with a well-hewn physique with better-sculpted muscle definition.

Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B Clinic

Amaris B. Clinic is led by Dr. Ivan Puah, a reputable physician in the field of body sculpting and aesthetic medicine. His skillset has helped countless patients achieve the body of their dreams – having the privilege of being personally trained by French renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Pierre Francois Fournier, on Syringe Fat Grafting, Liposculpture, APTOS thread and Curl lift, in Singapore.

With more than a decade of experience in liposuction treatments coupled with a keen eye for aesthetic perfection, Dr. Ivan Puah’s mastery in liposuction procedures never fails to deliver a more beautiful and defined physique.

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