Chinese male model denies plastic surgery, posts naked selfies with piles of money and now faces online backlash

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As plastic surgery clinics are sprouting at every turn in China, getting a prettier countenance or a hotter body is merely a plastic surgery procedure away. And with China gradually becoming an eye-candy paradise, over-the-top and attention-hungry individuals like Liu Zichen, are now feeling the heat.

Feeding off the attention showered upon him from his now booming Weibo account, Liu Zichen has said some ridiculous comments and has had some crazy procedures (of which, he vehemently denies) done, to keep his Weibo follower numbers bumping up.

Liu zichen before after plastic surgery

This is Liu Zichen who goes by the English name, Chris. To be honest, we felt that ‘Confused’ or ‘Delusional ‘ would make better name choices for this 18-year-old, self proclaimed model and this is why.

Even with pictorial evidence, Liu claims to be a Eurasian and attributes his ‘good looks’ to his mixed ancestry. Well, Liu, it’s either you’re very confused about your heritage or you’re just downright delusional because darling, we hate to break this to you, but there is nothing Eurasian going on in that painfully Asian picture of yours. But hey, that’s just our opinion together with the billions out there that totally agree with us.

Of course with so much flak about his before and after, Liu had the perfect explanation to his very drastic transformation. This is what he says:

‘To clarify a few points, the previous photo of my ID card was a 5 year old photo. This is my 2-year-old documents where I have done a little bit of surgery to my nose. 

‘My chin was slimmed down using a face slimming face mask and you can see from my videos my chin is 100% natural. The photographer for my ID cards had a personal vendetta with me and deliberately photo’d me to be so ugly and I have taken him to court over this.’

‘I have had just a bit of plastic surgery so stop talking about this subject. There is no different in the photos it’s just that you are using your dog eyes to seek a comparison.’

Oh come on Liu, first of all, having your eyes, nose, chin and the rest of your body done is really NOT ‘a little bit of surgery’. Secondly, our facial bone structure is not malleable, so no, you can’t get a painfully V shape chin from a previous U shape jawline even with a million slimming face masks unless your face masks comes with a secret chainsaw.

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (1)

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (2)

Did we not mention Liu loves his nude photoshoot? Oh yes, he does. So after a cosmetic eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, jaw reduction done, of course it’s only natural that Liu gets a butt implant to pump up the sexy.

It’s a very provocative pose Liu, but we can’t quite say we’re terribly seduced and we really don’t think Kim K is going to be too pleased with your very round and very artificial glutes.

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (3)

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (4)

Oh look! Yet another of Liu’s naked photoshoot! An arrogant attitude aside, it is really Liu’s naked pictures that drive netizens up the wall.

The self-proclaimed model is all about his signature pose; lying naked in a pile of cash, (as though that’s not spawning enough hate) and adding captions such as “You are all so poor. I have 100 thousand in phones, do you?” (Really Liu? Was that really necessary?)

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (5)

And the nudity keeps coming. To be honest, we’re pretty much on the fence for this one. Just which is fairer, the off white bear or that awkward-looking, terribly bleached body that’s posing beside it.

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (6)

We can’t help but indulge in Liu’s feisty and delusional comments that drive netizens through the roof.

These are some of the best comments we had to share.

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (7)

‘Today I really can’t take it anymore. Please stop comparing me with out of fashion Internet sensations or other ugly people.’

(Question! Please define ugly, Liu. Are eerily large eyes and impossibly sharp chin included in the ugly equation?)

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (8)

‘I am just a student and my nude photos are my contribution to art unlike others who are doing it for money. I don’t need to do that for money.’

(Yes, yes. We all know you’re filthy rich Liu, show us more nudity already and we can throw you some money to add your wealth!)

Liu Zi Chen plastic surgery China (9)

It is pretty evident that Liu is not going to stop his nude poses and irresponsible comments any time soon, and so, it looks like us netizens would have to carry the burden of his shame since the 18 year old apparently feels none.

But well, regardless of the numerous nudities or the irksome comments, one thing’s for sure, Liu Zichen has definitely ‘outdone’ himself this time round because becoming an Internet sensation is a ‘feat’, not everyone wants can achieve.

Coming hot on the heels of teenager Lee Hee, who mades headlines two weeks back for having plastic surgery to win back her ex-boyfriend, and she’s only 15, it’s high time the two got together and create more ‘entertainment’ for the world already!

[Image credit: shanghaiist, dailymail]


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