She duped her ‘boyfriend’ $28,800 to feed her plastic surgery obsession

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She wanted to be beautiful but she didn’t have the money for it. And so she turned to extreme measures to feed her plastic obsession.


Charlotte Roche, conned her boyfriend out of thousands of pounds by claiming she had cancer when in fact, it was plastic surgery that she wanted.

Charlotte Roche cheated Matthew Pilgrim out of £14,000 (SGD $28,400) of which she planned to use £4,000 (SGD $8,100) of her loots to pay for cosmetic surgery.

Roche first met Matthew on Plenty of Fish, a dating website. Reeling in her victim, the 31 year-old scheduled their first date near St Paul’s Cathedral in London in April 2014.

Trying her luck, Roche lied to Matthew that she had ovarian cancer and that she was going to see a consultant. She then went on to say that the surgery was needed to completely remove a growth in her ovaries. And Matthew took the bait.

She said it would be a six-month wait on the NHS but only a couple of days if she went private which would cost £6,800 (SGD $13,800).

Genuinely concerned, Matthew agreed to lend her the money to help her with her ordeal.

A Maidstone Crown Court prosecutor Allister Walker said Matthew visited Roche at her home at weekends and she stayed with him in London.

According to Mr Walker “The relationship developed, he felt they were becoming quite close.

“She then told him she had financial problems with her Irish bank account.

“In hindsight, she was laying the ground for what was to come.

“She only told him the operation was at a hospital in north London and did not take warmly to him visiting her there.”

Again, Roche played the sympathy card and asked Matthew to pay for her private prescriptions and post-operative care to which he gave her another £2,000 (SGD $4000).

After not seeing Roche for some time, it was apparent that the relationship was over. Matthew asked Roche to return his money and the string of lies was uncovered.

Mr Walker said: “He felt he had been exploited – and, of course, he had.

“The excuses continued to flow.”

Roche’s sister eventually called him and told him he “had been had” and that he should turn to the authorities.

Roche, now living in Aberdeen, was arrested at work in October last year.

Judge Philip St John-Stevens said: “It is clear, having developed the relationship with the individual concerned, you acted in a thoroughly dishonest, manipulative and callous way and preyed on his goodwill with an untruthful story about your health.”

“As a result, you defrauded him to the tune of in excess of £14,000.”

The judge added there had to be a prison sentence but said if he was persuaded it could be suspended.

Lucky for Roche, she was spared jail with a six-month suspended sentence after admitting fraud by false representation. In addition, she was ordered to complete 80 hours unpaid work and repay the £14,220 (SGD $28,800) she conned from Matthew.

Poor Matthew! Let’s hope he gets himself a better fish the next time round in Plenty of Fish.


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