Korea Celebrity Plastic Surgery Faceoff: Kim Hyuna vs Lee Hyori – Who did it better?

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For those of you who are very well acquainted with the Korean entertainment world, we’re sure you’re no stranger to the almond-like eyes, impossibly sharp nose and dainty feline-shaped face that virtually every Korean celebrity seem to possess.

With those qualities set as a benchmark for beauty in Korea, it comes as no surprise that celebrities land up looking no different from their fellow celebrity counterparts.

So whose before after Korea plastic surgery is more superior to the other? Whose plastic surgeon is more adept and we should be eyeballing (more)?

Today, we’ll be exploring two of the hottest and sexiest divas in the Korean entertainment industry that share uncannily similar styles and (before after Korea plastic surgery) looks.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (8)

Veteran pop star Lee Hyori and the younger but undeniably strong contender, Kim Hyuna, have both lent some help from top plastic surgeons to achieve that aesthetic perfection, validated by the Korean pop industry.

But amidst the plastic surgery craze, the resounding question surfaces, is Lee Hyori’s before after Korea plastic surgery transformation head and shoulders above Kim Hyuna’s or vice versa?

But first, read here for our previous features on Kim Hyuna plastic surgery and Lee Hyori plastic surgery.

That we’re not so sure (for now), but what we know is we’ll be having a whale of a time scrutinizing these ravishing beauties and we can’t wait to begin.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (1)

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the sorcerous Korea plastic surgery, that has the potential to transform the ugliest of ducklings to the most beautiful of swans, was unable to work its full mojo on both Lee Hyori (left) and Kim Hyuna (right).

Judging from the younger pre-debut days of Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna, it seems like these two were truly born to be stars.

While we can’t say the same for the rest of the K-pop clan, we guess it’s safe to say both Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna have got pretty decent genes to begin with.

Although the true mastery of the eminent Korea plastic surgery was not put to the ultimate test, but we’re sure it has done quite its magic on these two ladies. And this is why.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (2)

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (3)

Just look at how much Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna have evolved over the years! It must have been tricky juggling between getting procedures done and being a smashing pop star.

But as they say, no pain, no gain, and boy, gain the ladies did. It certainly looks like those sacrifices have paid off (very well), making both Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna emblems of aesthetic perfection in the critical eye of the k-pop industry.

So back to our question. Whose before after Korea plastic surgery trumps over the other?

Is it Lee Hyori or her doppelganger, Kim Hyuna?

For a fair assessment, let’s dissect their features one by one and put them under the microscope.

Celebrity Faceoff – Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna: Eyes

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we say the eyes have to be a girl’s best feature.

This is especially so in Korea since the nation practically goes bananas over anything eyes – double eyelid surgery, lateral canthoplasty and epicanthoplasty.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (4)

And because it’s a rule of thumb to have a set of large, almond-like eyes (with relatively pronounced double eyelids, of course), both Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna have taken pains to get them just right and we must say, it’s two blepharoplasties well done.

Clearly, double eyelid surgery is top on both Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna’s korea plastic surgery list but just who did it better?

Looking at Lee Hyori, we see she’s got that magical glint in her eyes.

Fierce, intense and spirited are probably some words we can use to describe this post Lee Hyori blepharoplasty.

They call her the cattiest celebrity in the K-pop industry and she’s sure to live up to that label with those dangerous looking eyes (and feisty personality).

And then there was Kim Hyuna. Looking at the picture, we see that Kim Hyuna has quite a different set of baby blues.

While still maintaining the longish almond shaped eye, we see that her eyes are somewhat larger and have a tear drop effect.

Unlike her Unni, Kim Hyuna has adopted a set of more doe-like eyes, giving her overall facade a more gentle touch.

Comparing both Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna’s eyes, we’ve got to say, Kim Hyuna has definitely scored on that alluring set of baby blues.

It’s sweet and spicy and everything nice. Looks like we now know who to pay a visit should we have any disgruntlement with our baby blues.

And so, for now, the score stands at

Kim Hyuna – 1    Lee Hyori – 0

But is it a clear win for Kim Hyuna? Stay tuned to find out more.

Celebrity Faceoff – Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna: Nose

Next up, nose! No shocker on this. It sure seems like blepharoplasty goes hand in hand with rhinoplasty when celebrities embark on their Korea plastic surgery journey.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (5)

It would almost be unbecoming of a celebrity had she not fixed her nose after a successful blepharoplasty.  After all, you can’t say you’ve undergone the authentic Korea plastic surgery experience if you’ve not received this combination.

So whose nose is more on point? Let’s see.

It’s one thing to get a nose job, but to get one that doesn’t scream ‘hey rhinoplasty here!’ is a whole other thing.

A sign of a good rhinoplasty done is one that leaves the audience debating if a nose job was even done to begin with.

While it is common for many celebrities to get their nose fixed, it is unfortunate that countless post rhinoplasty noses leave fans spotting glaringly protruding silicon implants or terribly emaciated alars and let’s face it, celebrities are definitely more than appreciative to not have to deal with yet another gossip about them.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (6)

Looking at Lee Hyori’s nose (left), we see a beautifully sculpted nose with that subtle but exquisite ski jump nose tip.

While her nose has evidently gone under the knife from pre debut pictures, fortunately, her nose doesn’t look too contrived or overly done and nestles perfectly on her face.

Kudos to Lee Hyori’s plastic surgeon who did a superb job on the idol’s nose and while we wish we could pay the same compliments to Kim Hyuna’s plastic surgeon, alas.

Judging from Kim Hyuna’s nose, we reckon that the overly zealous plastic surgeon could possibly have been too fixated on crafting the perfect nose, it came out way too over the top.

Prominent silicon implant + Almost negligible alar = Blatant rhinoplasty = Fail

What can we say other than try harder (or perhaps not too hard) the next time.

With Lee Hyori’s rhinoplasty triumphing over Kim Hyuna’s, Lee Hyori scores one, bringing the score to

Lee Hyori – 1  Kim Hyuna – 1

The competition is now neck in neck! With their scores tied, we can’t wait to judge the next procedure to see who emerges victorious in this Korea plastic surgery battle.

And then we have it, the deciding factor of this fierce Korea plastic surgery battle. The face shape.

Celebrity Faceoff – Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna: Face Shape

When it comes to the face, it goes without saying that a sharp and slim one is almost always more appealing than a broad and round one. Don’t think so?

Here’s a comparison between Lee Hyori and Kim Hyuna and it sure looks like it has proven the aforementioned.

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (7)

Looking at Lee Hyori’s facial contours, it’s evident that the celebrity has successfully achieved that highly sought after V shaped face.

Narrowing the sides of her jaws has brought Lee Hyori’s façade to a whole other level, granting her a sleeker and sharper finish.

Surely we can’t deny that Lee Hyori looks ravishing in her newly bought facial contour.

Now, things aren’t quite the same when it comes to her little twin, Kim Hyuna.

Unlike Lee Hyori, Kim Hyuna did not quite achieve that ‘Perfect V’ for her pretty face.

With a broader face and a rounder chin, Kim Hyuna doesn’t look quite as polished as Lee Hyori in the facial contour department.

Pretty as she is, it seems like her Unni has won her hands down in this round, bringing the final score to

Lee Hyori – 2 Kim Hyuna – 1

Celebrity plastic surgery - Lee Hyori vs Kim Hyuna (8)

And so, we have it, the victor of this grueling Korea plastic surgery battle is non other than the Queen of K-pop herself, Lee Hyori.

Though Lee Hyori has emerged victorious (by a slight margin), we all can’t deny the oozing sex appeal both celebrities possess.

Overall it was battle well fought and if there’s one thing we learnt, it’s that we should never doubt the competence of the highly acclaimed Korea plastic surgery.

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