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Blogger Sherlene’s Agnes Acne Laser & Q-Switch Laser Treatment with Dr Gerard Ee of The Clifford Clinic

About 80% of people suffer from acne breakouts between the ages 11 and 30 and while it is a physical torture to deal with acne, it is also both a mental and emotional struggle for many. Ms Sherlene Lian, like many,

5 Singapore bloggers share their Fractional CO2 Laser reviews and experiences

Because Fractional CO2 Lasers in Singapore are in trend now, we obviously have to get it done. But what exactly is this miracle treatment everyone is raving about? Just how different is Fractional CO2 Laser from the convention ones? While it

12 Singapore bloggers share their experiences and reviews on Fillers

Now, you have always wanted to do fillers and since information on this procedure is not readily available, your next best bet is to comb through the internet for Singapore reviews on fillers. We know you’re anxious, because going ahead with a