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British woman, 24, dies undergoing cosmetic surgery in Bangkok Thailand

A 24-year-old British woman has died in Thailand during cosmetic surgery performed by a doctor who was allegedly not properly qualified.Police said the woman stopped breathing while under anaesthetic at a clinic in Bangkok on Thursday.She reportedly attended the clinic for

Korean plastic surgeon kept thousands of his patients’ leftover jaw bones as trophies in two glass towers

A South Korean plastic surgeon faces a fine after building “bone towers” in his Gangnam district clinic filled with jawbone shards from hundreds of patients, a local official said. The 60-centimetre-tall glass structures were filled with jawbone parts removed during surgery,

A filler injection caused this Singaporean’s nose to turn black and decompose

Claudia (not her real name) is a very familiar with aesthetics procedures having gone to many doctors for regular treatments. When her business failed, she could no longer afford to go to a doctor, and that was when she decided to

One third of youths in Singapore approve of Plastic Surgery

One third of youths in Singapore today (2014) approve of plastic surgery, so says a survey published in the August edition of the Singapore Medical Journal. Plastic surgery has been increasingly popular with the younger generation in the West, but limited research