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Plastic Surgeons share the top 3 procedures in Singapore for first half 2015

With Singaporeans getting more and more open to the idea of plastic surgery, the cosmetic department in Singapore has gained much traction over the last decade. In fact, cosmetic procedures are garnering so much attention in Singapore that topics on ‘lunchtime

Get ready for a call from MOH if you just had Liposuction

People who want to undergo liposuction to improve their looks must agree to be interviewed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the outcome of the procedure. This requirement has both doctors and patients up in arms. Meanwhile, the ministry told

Liposuction Death: Doctors liable for S$5.3m in damages to Franklin Heng’s family

The High Court has ordered the two doctors who botched a liposuction procedure on late property management firm boss Franklin Heng Ang Tee to pay S$5.32 million in damages. For those who remember, YTL Starhill Global Reit Management boss Franklin Heng

World’s first successful penis transplant enables patient to get an erection again

South African doctors have achieved what they call the world’s first successful penile transplant operation. The patient, weeks after the operation is able to maintain an erection to have sex, as well as urinate functionally. The nine-hour operation occurred on December

Google glass will change your plastic surgery procedures

The world’s first plastic surgery procedure performed using Google Glass has shown promising use of the eye-wearable device in plastic surgery. Google Glass has a wide range of possible applications in plastic surgery – with the potential to enhance surgical training,

Teen receives face transplant with her new face grown on her breast

  A teenager who suffered horrific burns to her face has received a plastic surgery reconstruction face transplant with her new face grown on her breast using tissue grafted from her leg. Xu Jianmei, 17, was just five when she was

All you need to know about the new filler in the market – Hyaline

Good news for beauty product addicts who previously had to choose between safe but short-lived Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers, and non-HA fillers that feature longer sustainability but are rather dangerous. You can read more on the different types of fillers

Malaysian man who wanted Adam Levine’s nose ends up with a crooked nose

All 20-year-old Chai Wai Chuan wanted was a nose just like Adam Levine’s, the lead vocalist of the popular American band “Maroon 5”. Now, he has a crooked nose, is in pain, and will have to undergo corrective surgery. According to

Would you consider plastic surgery in up-and-coming Dubai?

Dubai, the emirate known for its celebration of over-the-top glamour and luxury, is racing ahead to dominate the Middle East’s plastic surgery market with plans to attract half a million medical tourists in six years. Where cosmopolitan Beirut was once the

First lady Michelle Obama open to Plastic Surgery & Botox

First lady Michelle Obama is 50 this year, and she hasn’t ruled out having plastic surgery procedures done to her face. In an interview with People magazine, Mrs Obama said she would consider plastic surgery or botox procedures at some point