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Meet the woman with the absolutely humongous world’s largest Z cup breasts

Are you thinking if you read this correctly? 32Z breasts? How on earth is that even possible?! Meet Mayra Hills, also known by her German adult model stage name Beshine. She boasts the largest breast augmentation in the world, standing at a

28 year-old woman who looks 80 with “ageing” disorder undergoes Plastic Surgery

If you take a first glance at this woman, you wouldn’t give a second thought about her age. She looks like someone who is a grandmother and has lived many years on this earth. If you’d asked us, we’d think she

Miss Thailand of 1965 looks the same the day she won her crown – shocks everyone with recent picture

This recent photograph of Thailand’s first ever Miss Universe has left everyone gaping in awe at how young she looks despite decades later. Apasra Hongsakula was crowned Miss Universe in 1965, making the queen 67 years old this year. Comparing the

Like this woman, now you can crowdsource your Boob Job from the internet

Cosmetic surgery is a major decision, and often people take time to think about it as well as to save up for the procedure. Now there’s another way for you to do just that – by crowdsourcing your procedure. Gemini Smith,

This man spent S$200,000 to look like his idol Kim Kardashian

I’m sure we have all heard of a lady getting plastic surgery to look like her idol. But have you heard of a man doing it before? Jordan James Parke is Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan, spending a whopping S$200,000 to look like

Japanese model undergoes 30 plastic surgeries to look like a FRENCH DOLL

Everyone meet Vanilla Chamu. She greets fellow Japanese people with a “bonjour” and claims to be from the Palace of Versailles. She’s not, of course. She is a Japanese woman who has undergone ten million yen (S$120,000) worth of plastic surgery to

Disfigured woman transformed into stunning beauty on Korean reality TV series “Let me in”

Let Me In (“Me In” is a homonym for “beauty” in Korean) is a Korean reality TV series which features women and men with physical defects going under the knife to be transformed into someone presentable. This is done with the help of plastic

Miss Korea 2014 contestants all look like clones

This year’s Miss Korea contestants’ mugshots are out, and boy, we’ve got to say, they sure look really alike. The problem is that Koreans have this benchmark for beauty which they all strive to achieve – the V shaped face, double

What happened to the face of sexy Chinese model Li Ying Zhi?

Once hailed by the media as Fan BingBing’s successor, chinese model Li Ying Zhi looked far from it at a recent public appearance. Her shocking photo spread across social media with the skin on her face looking wrinkled and also her chin

To find True Love this Chinese woman goes from B cup to F cup

How far are you willing to go for love? Xiaofang (not her real name) is originally from rural China, and never had much luck finding a stable and loving relationship. Even though China has about 25% more men than women, Xiaofang has