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This woman spent S$270k on plastic surgery to look like her caricature drawing

When Krystina Butel went on a holiday to ibiza when she was 15, she didn’t expect that trip as a young girl to change her life. She had decided to get a caricature done of herself while on her holiday, but

Chinese male model denies plastic surgery, posts naked selfies with piles of money and now faces online backlash

As plastic surgery clinics are sprouting at every turn in China, getting a prettier countenance or a hotter body is merely a plastic surgery procedure away. And with China gradually becoming an eye-candy paradise, over-the-top and attention-hungry individuals like Liu Zichen,

Bodybuilder almost loses arms after self-injecting oil into muscles

Former bodyguard Romario dos Santos Alves, 25, has always modeled himself after The Incredible Hulk. However his constant fascination to mimic the superhero soon turned into an unhealthy obsession. Romario turned to the gym for his initial phase of transformation, dedicating

Selfie-obsessed woman spent S$20k on plastic surgery to look “perfect” in selfies and to be role model to social media influencer clients

Imagine this, you open up your Instagram app, take a selfie, post it up and see the $$$ rolling into your bank. This is a typical day in the life of a social media influencer. Unsure of how to do this properly?

15 yr old girl undergoes Extreme Plastic Surgery to win back ex, becomes internet sensation

Ok ladies, let’s be honest. We’ve all been there. We break up, we grieve, but when we’re back on our two feet, the ‘I am going to be the next Beyonce’ mode will be in overdrive.  We do absolutely anything it

Crazy about Miranda Kerr, this Korean gets plastic surgery to look like her!

Hong Yuh Reum loved the former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr so much that she got surgery to look like her. Hong, who signed with a modelling agency, had surgery by a doctor who performed on her nose and eyes to

Shocking black market surgery caused her to be dubbed “cement face” and now she gets new shot at life with a new face

She was one of the world’s most infamous victims of blackmarket surgery. 46 year old Rajee Narinesingh felt that God had played the most cruel joke on her. She was a woman trapped inside a man’s body and after years of

Young girl, 5, requires plastic surgery after horrific injuries from being mauled by a pitbull

Alexis Douglas, 5, from Carrum Downs, Victoria was viciously mauled down by a neighbour’s pitbull, causing horrific injuries to her face.  They were playing together for an hour before the pit bull viciously turned on little Alexis Douglas. Her elder sister Madieline

This woman’s $92,500 breast enlargement treatment left her with a hairy chest

  This is a cautionary tale that you should always go to a certified doctor/clinic for breast treatment. This story as translated by Rocketnews begins with a woman whom we’ll call Ms. Cao living in Zhejiang, China. In 2012 she was

Chinese student wins free breast implants after taking part in a breast modelling competition

Feifei (not her real name), a 21-year-old college student in Hefei, East China’s Anhui province, was self-conscious about her figure so she took part in a breast modeling competition in July. She wanted breast implants, but could not afford the operation.