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Twins spent $32k on matching plastic surgery to look like Barbie Dolls

Meet Sara and Emma Koponen, twins who are so obsessed with looking alike that they undergone the same plastic surgery procedures to look like “Barbie Dolls”. The identical twins who were originally from Sweden, moved to Spain in pursuit of plastic

New Trend in India: Breaking your legs to grow a few inches taller

Rohan Gupta, 21, willingly got both his legs broken and metal rods impaled through them in two places to support a clunky frame. Unable to walk and in pain, he was laid up for months, spending upwards of S$12,000 on treatment.

Chinese woman wants plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba to win back ex-boyfriend

This woman from Shanghai was so keen to win back her ex-boyfriend that she wanted to undergo plastic surgery to look like his favourite Hollywood idol and dream girl – Jessica Alba. Xiaoqing said that her ex-boyfriend was obsessed with Jessica Alba,

What this bride did before her wedding will SHOCK you

So your big day is around the corner and you’re in the do-whatever-it-takes-to-me-the-prettiest-bride-in-history mode. While some of us find our eating habits change drastically from 5 meals a day to just 5 grapes a day or suddenly turning into an exercise

Transgender Spends S$105,000 On Plastic Surgery For Her Insane Transition

After years of living in a body that didn’t belong to her, a transgender woman finally took the plunge and changed her body into one that she had always wanted and dreamt of. Spending approximately S$105,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her

Teacher’s lips turned BLUE after Groupon deal Fillers treatment gone wrong

This teacher wanted lips like Kylie Jenner – but botched treatment left them blue, lumpy and sore. Amelia Greville, who lives in Bangkok, thought she had spotted a bargain when she saw a deal for Juvéderm lip fillers on Groupon. The 24-year-old,

36J, 16, 39 – Extreme Model Removes Ribs To Shrink Waist To Look Like Cartoon Character Jessica Rabbit

When it comes to beauty, everyone has their ideal body they would like to achieve. While some are inclined towards a slim and fit body and others, more agreeable with the sexy and curvy contours, one lady stands out with the

Botched nose job in Bangkok leaves this Singaporean disfigured

They say that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But more often not, that’s easier said than done. What happens if this curve ball that’s hurled in your way brings about more damage than you can ever imagine. That is

Real life Barbie and Ken spent S$450,000 on plastic surgery to look like their favourite dolls

When image-obsessed Quentin and Anastasia met two years ago, it was love at first sight. They knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together — and spent thousands of dollars getting plastic surgery to transform themselves into the

Young girl, 5, requires plastic surgery after horrific injuries from being mauled by a pitbull

Alexis Douglas, 5, from Carrum Downs, Victoria was viciously mauled down by a neighbour’s pitbull, causing horrific injuries to her face.  They were playing together for an hour before the pit bull viciously turned on little Alexis Douglas. Her elder sister Madieline