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She duped her ‘boyfriend’ $28,800 to feed her plastic surgery obsession

She wanted to be beautiful but she didn’t have the money for it. And so she turned to extreme measures to feed her plastic obsession. Charlotte Roche, conned her boyfriend out of thousands of pounds by claiming she had cancer when

Before & After: 81 astonishing pictures of plastic surgery in Korea

As we all know, Korea has one of the highest per capita plastic surgery procedures done per person. In such a country, everyone feels the pressure to look good because plastic surgery is so conveniently available. In fact, it is amazing at

Woman’s Breast Explodes After Cheap Surgery Overseas

This 24-year-old from Birmingham, UK, headed to Belgium for cheap breast enhancement surgery – but she didn’t quite get what she bargained for. Twice. Dennie Lees paid S$4800 to have her bust increased from a 34A to a 34F at a clinic in Belgium,

Human Barbie denies having Plastic Surgery to look like well, Barbie

A woman nicknamed the ‘Human Barbie’ denies having plastic surgery to look like a real ‘walking, talking’ living version of the famous doll. Bizarrely Valeria Lukyanova, 30, also claims she looks nothing like the iconic plastic girls’ toy – and believes

Japanese beauty vs Korean beauty. Which team are you on?

When it comes to Asian beauty, many are quick to point out female celebrities from both South Korea and Japan. Needless to say, these female celebrities have garnered much attention and hype on their ravishing appearances. While many are in awe

Growing Trend in UK: More Teenagers undergoing Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty

There is a growing trend in the UK and other parts of the world of more teenage girls undergoing vagina related procedures. Apparently, teenage girls just don’t appreciate their vaginas any more, but instead of dealing with it or understanding that

Plastic Surgery Clinic Divides Staff Parking Lots by Breast Size

Just when you though the worst of sexism was over with the rise of the feminist movement, a plastic surgery clinic in Shandong is now getting unwanted attention by assigning its parking spaces not numbers, but breast sizes. According to the Shanghaiist,

Superfan takes 8 years of plastic surgery to look like Fan Bing Bing

Recently, a superfan look-alike appeared on the popular Chinese singing competition show “Super Girl,” astonishing the audience with her incredibly near resemblance to one of China’s most famous actresses – Fan Bing Bing. He Chengxi, has spent the past 8 years going

Mum Wants to Disown Daughter Who Spent S$170,000 on Plastic Surgery over 2 years

On a TV program aired by Dragon TV, a distressed mother decided to turn to the media for help to stop her 29-year-old daughter’s plastic surgery habit. During the talk show aired on live TV to millions of viewers, the 61-year-old

Thai girl took 8 years of plastic surgeries to look like Kpop’s Nichkhun of 2PM

This Thai girl idolised Nichkhun of 2PM so much that it took her 8 years of plastic surgeries to finally look like her idol. For those who don’t follow K-pop, Nichkhun’s parents are Thai-Chinese though he was born in America. Being