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The truth behind Kpop SNSD Plastic Surgery

Their hit single ‘Gee’ catapulted them into stardom in 2009, causing the world to erupt at the slightest allusion to the girl band. Originally a 9-member group, now 8, Girls’ Generation aka SNSD, has been greeted with much fanfare in many

Keen to know more about K-Pop SISTAR plastic surgery?

After making their sweet transition into stardom with their debut in Céci, it seems that rookie group SISTAR has been taking the K-pop charts by storm with hit after hit. SISTAR is a four-member South Korean girl group formed in 2010

What plastic surgery procedures did Jolin Tsai undergo?

Dubbed ‘Asia’s Dancing Queen’, this sassy chick is one hell of a pop diva in the Asian music market. The Taiwanese singer and dancer first came on screen in 1998, at a mere age of 18. Being a sweet young thing

What is the juice behind the Korean star Yoon Eun Hye plastic surgery?

Yoon Eun Hye, a name that resonates in the Korean entertainment industry and just about in every man’s head. It’s no picnic to make it to the top of the showbiz but if anyone can, it’s this superstar. While many Korean

5 Top Singapore bloggers Plastic Surgery transformation. Which blogger has the best transformation?

Bloggers in Singapore are influential individuals who make significant impact on netizens’ perspectives. They are the driving force of the latest fads and they open the floodgates to all things controversial. This post came as a result of a poll a

MMA Ronda Rousey to undergo plastic surgery after brutal KO

Who knew the world of MMA and plastic surgery could collide so prominently? In UFC 193 in Melbourne Australia, Holly Holm, the massive underdog challenger, brutally KO then-current champion Ronda Rousey at 0:59 of the second round. After the KO, Rousey was treated

[WTA Finals] World No. 2 Simona Halep had breast reduction surgery to save her tennis career

As a rising teenage tennis star, Simona Halep was better known for her cup size than her racket skills. Her ginormous breasts, though a blessing, was a hindrance to her tennis career. When she burst onto the scene as a junior

Did City Harvest’s Sun Ho undergo plastic surgery?

With Sun Ho, also known as Ho Yeow Sun, making lots of headlines recently for the City Harvest trial, something caught our attention. Did Sun Ho undergo plastic surgery? Here are some pictures from her younger days till today, then and

Did EXO’s Baekhyun undergo plastic surgery?

The big question for Kpop EXO fans – Did Byun Baekhyun undergo plastic surgery? Recently Korean netizens got into a heated discussion on this topic. On October 9th, a post on Korean forum Pann gained much interest after it focused on photographic

Park Bom’s drastic plastic surgery transformation shocked fans

Park Bom, a member of girl band 2NE1 has recently made headlines with a drug scandal. The hard-pressed 30 year-old celebrity was hit with a drug smuggling allegation and has since been struck with much more severe criticism. However, the drug