By2 Yumi & Miko denies undergoing plastic surgery

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Remember the last time we discussed the By2 plastic surgery transformation in detail?

Well, that wasn’t too long ago but speculations of the By2 plastic surgery transformation has once again run amok in the Internet sphere. This time round, with a nugget of sass.

With Netizens calling out the sisters, accusing the tantalizing twins of going under the knife one too many times and looking unnatural and somewhat stiff, the pop stars claimed that they “have nothing to say”.

Well, with their appearance taking on such drastic difference, it is no wonder the sisters are remaining tight-lipped when facing such allegations.

It seems like the twins are tired of the accusations and claim that their appearance will be judged no matter what.

But with pictorial evidences of the girls back when they were 16 and now, it does seem like the twins have undergone tremendous change, deviating further away from their natural looks with each passing year.

Yumi came to the duo’s defense claiming that “People usually get prettier and prettier because we can enhance our features with improved makeup techniques and other products.”

While it is certainly true that make up techniques can make a significant difference to a person’s appearance, it is however impractical to go from a tapered double eyelid crease to a deep set parallel eyelid crease without the help of some professional plastic surgeons.

When asked to push their noses up to prove that they’ve not undergone any Rhinoplasty procedure, Yumi quickly declines and pushes the responsibility to her sister, Miko.

Caught off guard, Miko reluctantly pushes the front of her nose lightly, to which Yumi quickly jumped to her defense, claiming that “Because we are twins, we are the same.”

It sure is suspicious when Yumi not only almost immediately declined the opportunity to prove the allegations otherwise, but also quickly threw her sister under the bus.

Regardless, seeing is believing, and until we see the malleability of the twins’ nose, it is highly unlikely we’re going to believe otherwise.

Read more about our previous article on the By2 plastic surgery.

So what do you think? Did By2 undergo any further plastic surgery procedures?


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