The Brutal Battle Against Adult Acne with Agnes Treatment

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Having been blessed with almost flawless skin her whole teenage years; life played a cruel joke on Gillian, strewing her into the abysmal world of acne in her early twenties.

What seemed like a teenager’s worst nightmare was now played out in Gillian’s reality when she came back from Hong Kong to a face full of angry pimples.


Despite doing copious amounts of research on acne prevention and following a strict skincare regiment, Gillian found her respite from acne tragically short-lived.

Pimples were soon overtaking her face and Gillian could not be more distressed about her skin condition.

Just when Gillian thought that she was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after using extensive amounts of skincare recommended by her facial therapist, that ray of hope was soon snuffed out after 6 months, when the irritated pimples started resurfacing.


Depression soon trickled in when friends and family expressed concern over her visibly troubled skin, causing Gillian to be more self-conscious and less extroverted.

Desperate for a remedy, Gillian began her quest to conquering her acne. Having visited a couple of GPs who prescribed the usual steroids, antibiotics, accutane, topical cream, consulted a few dermatologists who prescribed products for her skin, sought help from a few TCM who blamed her body for being ‘too heaty’, spent thousands on facial packages on DRX and changed her diet, she saw absolutely no improvement for the past 7 years.


Gillian’s skin condition had worsened by then with no amount of concealer being able to cover her 3D bumps that have overcome her face.

Things took a miraculous turn for the better when she came across an article of Dr Ee from The Clifford Clinic.

Upon making an appointment with Dr Gerard Ee, Gillian went for her first consultation and was subjected to a thorough analysis on her skin condition by the patient and meticulous, Dr Gerard Ee. Empathising with Gillian’s woes, Dr Ee explained at length about Adult Acne and Gillian could not be more relieved when Dr Gerard Ee assured her of a permanent solution to her Acne concerns.

What is Adult Acne?

Adult Acne’s Pimples (big or small ones) regenerate on the same spot. For Gillian’s case, the pimples clustered around her cheeks and chin. Adult Acne may seem to have cleared after a few months, however, they will return again at the same spots as the pores are “damaged”. These pores will also affect the other pores, causing them to “malfunction” too.

Dr Ee recommended the Agnes Treatment which would be able to cure the “damaged pores”.

What is done during the Agnes Treatment?

It’s a 2 step procedure. The nurse will first spread a layer of numbing cream and after 20-30 mins, do simple extraction. After which, Dr Ee diligently and detailedly targets each “damaged” pore with the Agnes machine.

Pain level: 6/10 for Gillian. According to Gillian, the process was “definitely not pleasant or painless”.

Gillian admitted that she looked horrible after the treatment, akin to that of a bad post facial session. Gillian headed straight home slept her afternoon away as she did not want to entertain the thought of her red spotted face.

On the 2nd day, Gilliang went back to the clinic for the RF treatment. There was no significant difference in her face condition after that but it was a very relaxing procedure that helped to sooth and disinfects the affected areas.

Although Gillian’s acne did not clear after the 1st treatment like other patients from the clinic did, her faith and confidence in Dr Ee never wavered and went on the 2nd Agnes treatment; a decision she soon learnt, she would never regret.

Going through the 2nd Agnes treatment, Gillian was once again impressed with  Dr Ee’s professionalism and his keen eye for detail, ensuring that each affected area was thoroughly covered.


The above picture was taken on Jan 2015, prior to the Agnes Treatment where Gillian’s bumpy face was evident in pictures.


Just two months after her 2nd Agnes Treatment and Gillian’s skin condition took a drastic change for the better. Gillian found her forehead to be free of bumps and pimples, a far cry from her pimpled covered face prior to the Agnes treatment with Dr Gerard Ee.



Gillian’s face has evidently taken to the Agnes treatment and has shown nothing but upbeat progress in her acne condition. Both her left and right cheeks were healing nicely after the Agnes Treatment. Gillian could not be more thrilled at the progress of her face.



Deliberately taking 1 year before she did a review, Gillian wanted to put the Agnes treatment to the test. One year on, the Gillian we see today has regained her confidence. She is now able to head out without make up and walk with her head held high. The Agnes treatment has indeed stood the test of time and proven that it is the ultimate permanent solution to all Acne woes.

All thanks for the Agnes Treatment with Dr Ee from The Clifford Clinic, Gillian is now all smiles with an acne free face.


Gerard Ee


24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

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4.9 stars from 3 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
4.9 stars from 3 reviews

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