British woman, 24, dies undergoing cosmetic surgery in Bangkok Thailand

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[Associated Press] Doctor Sompob Sansiri (centre) is escorted by Thai police officers at a police station following his arrest in Bangkok.

Doctor Sompob Sansiri (centre) is escorted by Thai police officers at a police station following his arrest in Bangkok. [Associated Press]

A 24-year-old British woman has died in Thailand during cosmetic surgery performed by a doctor who was allegedly not properly qualified.Police said the woman stopped breathing while under anaesthetic at a clinic in Bangkok on Thursday.She reportedly attended the clinic for surgery on October 14 but was not satisfied with the results and returned for a corrective procedure.The woman has not been named. She reportedly attended the clinic for a procedure related to her tailbone and was found with a three inch incision in her lower back.

Sompob Sansiri, the 51-year-old doctor who performed the surgery, has been arrested and reportedly did not have the proper certification.

He has been charged with recklessly causing death.

Police were informed of the death at about 11pm and went to the clinic, where they found the woman’s body on the operating table. The body has been removed for a post-mortem examination.

“We were informed of the death of a British national in Thailand on the 23 October,” said a spokesman for Britain’s Foreign Office.

“We stand ready to provide consular assistance.”

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery and medical tourism.

The SP Clinic in Bangkok’s Huay Kwang district, where the woman died, has been closed for 60 days by authorities pending further investigations.

“The owner of SP Clinic could be jailed for a maximum 10 years and fined no more than 20,000 baht if he is found guilty of the offence,” Chayut Maryat, a police commander, told the Bangkok Post.

“Dr Sompob, 51, denied the charges on the grounds he had treated the patient strictly according to approved medical process. The woman’s name is withheld pending notification of relatives.”


[Source: Telegraph]


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