Guide to Breast Fillers

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Breast fillers is a non-invasive procedure to increase the size of the breasts. While the most common method to increase the size of the breast is breast augmentation, more ladies are opting to go for the non invasive option.

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This could be due to the fact that the non invasive option will not leave any scars and also have minimal to almost no downtime, and the result looks extremely natural. Breast fillers procedure is slowly gaining in popularity with the ladies who want to increase 1/2 to 1 cup size enhancement without the surgery.

Breast fillers Singapore

How does Breast Fillers work?

Breast fillers are compounds which are injected into the breast to make the breast increase in size. With fillers, there is no need for a surgery to increase the size of the bust as the fillers will do the job. Because of the non-invasive nature of this procedure, there is little to no downtime and one can resume their daily activities almost immediately.

There are many types of fillers out in the market today, but the most common ones are made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid resembles a substance which is found naturally in our body and is therefore extremely safe for use as a filler.

One good point about hyaluronic acid is since our body breaks down this acid, the process is reversible. It is even possible to remove the fillers immediately after by injecting an enzyme to digest the filler.

Who is suitable for breast fillers?

Here are the ladies who are suitable for this procedure:

Ladies with naturally small breast

This procedure is suitable for ladies with small breast, since the effect of the fillers will be enhanced on the body. This usually enhances the bust by 1/2 to 1 cup size which is very prominent in ladies with smaller breasts. For ladies with a small amount of breast tissue, they will feel their breast on top of the filler.

For ladies who only want one size bigger

The most ideal situation for breast fillers is for ladies who want to increase by 1 cup size. This is because with the small amount of filler, they will not be able to be felt under the breast which will make the breast feel extremely natural.

Post pregnancy

The breast usually sag as a result of the loss of supportive breast tissue due to pregnancy and also breast feeding. This will result in a loss of volume of the breasts and breast fillers will be able to restore the loss volume.

Who is not suitable for breast fillers?

This procedure is not suitable for ladies who have hardly any breast tissue. For these ladies with hardly any breast tissue, the lack of tissue will cause the breast to feel firm and unnatural due to the fact that there is not enough tissue to cover the fillers.

This procedure is also not suitable for ladies with saggy breast tissue. In this case, because of the excessive sagging, the fillers will not be able to improve the size of the breast.

In both these cases, breast augmentation is a better choice.

How long does Breast Fillers last?

Breast fillers Singapore treatment usually last anywhere from 9 months to two years. As time passes by and our body breaks down the fillers, the breast will also shrink in size. This is when ladies will go for a top-up, usually at the 1 year mark.

I want to undergo Breast Fillers. How can I find a qualified Doctor?

If you are looking for a doctor to undergo breast lift, you can locate here a Breast Fillers Singapore doctor. For other procedures, you can find a Singapore cosmetic doctor.


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