Guide to Breast Augmentation

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The procedure for breast augmentation Singapore can drastically change one’s self image, and as a result one’s self confidence. Breast implant, or known as boob job, is not a medical necessity – it is a personal choice. Therefore, it is key that you understand your own body and your motivation for breast enlargement, which will ultimately translate into better results.

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Larger breast can make one more visually appealing, as well as make one more desirable. In pursuit of the perfect breast, there are many factors to consider for plastic surgery such as to have better cleavage, to change the shape of the breast, to correct droopy breasts etc.

Misconception regarding Breast Augmentation Singapore

Most ladies have misconceptions regarding breast augmentation, with scarring and overly large breast implants being on the top of their concern list. With scarring, there is the fear of leaving dark brown scarring from breast implant surgery. For those who are concerned about the overly large breast implants, they may be concerned that their breast has become too big in proportion to their body which results in a fake looking bust.

Asian skin usually heals with pigmented brown scars, therefore it is important to have the plastic surgeon place incisions in locations which may not damage the appearance of the body in the event the scars do end up pigmented.

These are all valid concerns, and to create natural looking breasts, it is important to have a frank conversation with your plastic surgeon regarding the procedure.

The goal of natural looking breast

For Singapore woman considering breast implants, they should bear in mind that in general Asian woman have smaller frames with smaller breasts, and thus it is very uncommon to find Asian woman with naturally occurring C or D cup breasts.

With this in mind, the female undergoing breast augmentation should bear in mind that for the implants to make her look attractive and natural, the implants cannot be overly large. The goal of breast surgery should be to make the lady feel more attractive and not unnatural in any way.

Types of Breast Augmentation incisions

There are 3 areas where incisions are made to minimise visible scarring for boob job. They are the armpit, under the breast as well as on the edge of the areola.

Breast augmentation incision

Armpit Incision

This is done using an endoscope for the insertion of the implants, which will minimise the damaging blood vessels and nerves. The recovery period is short, and no scars is visible around or on the breast. This method also allows for breast feeding after breast augmentation as it does not damage the mammary gland (milk duct).

Areola Incision

This method uses an incision along the areola. The result is a scar which is not obvious, though a side effect may be the loss of sensation of the nipple.

Inframammary Incision

The incision is done under the breast, and this is done to avoid any scars on the armpit. This method is suitable for large implant insertion, as well as revision surgery and major correction.

Types of Breast Implants

There are two types of breast implants for boob job – silicon implants and saline implants.

Saline Implants

A sack of silicone rubber with a textured outer surface, implanted under the breast tissue and filled with sterile tissue. It achieves a more natural feel due to being placed in the sub-muscular position. The disadvantage to saline implants is its spontaneous leakage rate of 3% per implant per year.

Silicon Implants

Silicone filed implants contain cohesive gel with non-runny consistency which holds it shape. The look and feel of a naturally firm and youthful breast can be achieved here. Leakage is not too common with these implants, unlike saline implants.

Details about the procedure

This surgery will take approximately 2 to 3 hours, and is done under general anesthesia. There will be a fixable bra and one is recommended to wear it for 2 weeks after the boob job operation. Stitches will be removed about 2 weeks from surgery.

Alternatives to breast augmentation

If you are looking at breast augmentation but without the surgery, you can check out some alternatives to breast augmentation.

How can I locate a certified Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation in Singapore?

If you are looking to do this procedure, you can find a Breast Augmentation Doctor in Singapore.

For other procedures, you can find a Singapore cosmetic doctor.


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