Blogger’s review on Double Suture Twisted (DST) Technique Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr Shens

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Considering that the eyes are windows to our souls, it is no wonder many women regard the eyes as the most crucial facial feature.

While slit-like eyes reflect an inadvertent sense of dullness, droopy eyes convey the perception of chronic fatigue.

Plagued by their baby-blue woes, many women like Yuki and her older sister, Joanne, sought ways to remedy their undesirable set of eyes.

Like every other lady who seeks perfection when it comes to their eyes, makeup was also Yuki’s go to solution whenever she wanted to create magic in those baby blues.

And while makeup seem to do wonders at times, the inconsistent result that makeup delivers as well as the sheer amount of time put in for that daily full blown eye makeup proved to be simply too cumbersome.

Although Yuki relied heavily on contact lenses to give the illusion of a more alluring set of eyes, her eyes scored at most an ‘ok’ in the absence of makeup.

Afflicted by the same baby blues agony, her sister, Joanne, turned to double eyelid tapes to conjure her double eyelid crease.

Like Yuki, Joanne hid behind her eye makeup for years but that all proved to be a thing of the past after they decided to seek help from plastic surgery.

Amidst her thorough research on double eyelid surgery aka blepharoplasty, Yuki’s friend who had undergone an eyelid surgery introduced Dr Shens to Yuki and Joanne.

Learning that Dr Shens was trained in Korea for scar less plastic surgery and advanced techniques coupled with the fact that Double Suture Twisted (DST) technique was one amongst the myriad of procedures that Dr Shens was a mastery of, the sisters were immediately impressed with Dr Shens portfolio and went ahead with a consultation with the expert.

Experience with Dr Shens

Upon thorough examination of their eyes, Dr Shens had recommended both Yuki and Joanne to opt for the DST technique which was not only less costly but had a much shorter downtime.

The DST method, which is meant for those with less excessive fats lodged on their upper eyelid, is Dr Shens’ strong suit.

Modifying his DST technique, Dr Shens’ signature approach allows the double eyelid crease to last a lifetime, a promise that other plastic surgeons may not be able to deliver.

Throughout the entire consultation, both Yuki and Joanne felt constantly assured by Dr Shens. Answering all their questions meticulously and providing past patient’s pictures as visual aids, Dr Shens patiently explained every detail to the sisters.

The Process of DST

Choosing the crease height

To determine the preferred crease height, Dr Shens used a Y-shaped prong to carve out the desired height. From high, medium to low crease level, the sisters were presented with all their options before they made their decision.

Being conservative, Joanne decided upon a medium height fold. Yuki, on the other hand, had to deal with her epicanthic fold where the skin fold of the upper eyelid covered the inner angle of her eye, causing her eyes to appear smaller and wider apart.

As such, Dr Shens recommended an Epicanthoplasty together with a DST to boost Yuki’s almond shaped eyes, making them wider and more alluring. Like her sister, Yuki also opted for the medium height crease.


The anesthesia is required to not only minimize bleeding and accidental injury during the double eyelid surgery, but also to relieve any potential pain felt by the patient.

For Joanne, the anesthetic process was painless and akin the process to that of a small ant bite. Yuki, on the other hand, who had a phobia for needles and a low tolerance for pain, felt that the aesthetic process was slightly painful, especially when it came to the injection made to inner cantus.

On hindsight, Yukie advised to “relax yourself during the process, the more nervous you feel, the more tense the muscle and higher chances of oozing the blood vessels”

It’s Stitching Time

Before the double eyelid surgery procedure began, Dr Shens added a few drops of eyedrops into Yuki’s eyes, to which she felt a slight tingling sensation.

Understandably nervous, Yuki felt the tugging of her eyelids each time Dr Shens sewed the threads onto her eyelids. To Yuki, it was no more than a slight pressure with each movement and that the entire process was painless and free from discomfort.

Starting from the outer eyelid and working his way into the inner eyelid, Dr Shens asked Yuki to open her eyes at the end of the procedure for a final assessment of her eyes.

After a 15 minutes, a cold compress was placed over her eyes and in Yuki’s words: “felt so soothing”

Next comes Epicanthoplasty

Yuki was more nervous about Epicanthoplasty to the stitching process before the procedure. However, Yuki soon realized that the entire process was completely painless.

Cutting the inner lower eyelid from the insider, it was re-draped by a modified piece of skin. Yuki warned that a burning smell will be released and that it should not be a cause for concern as it is merely the burning of fats near the eye.

Cold compress was administered after the entire process and stitches were removed after a week.

Post double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty care

Yuki advises to never tug at the facial skin after the surgery and additional care should be given to the eye area.

Opting for gentle patting and wiping of her face rather than the traditional face washing process, Yuki found that to help in the healing process.

Additionally, Yuki religiously uses cold compress 10 mins per hour for at least a week.

It is important to take the prescribed antibiotics twice a day and painful killers should pain persists.

Wanting to speed up the healing process, Yuki bought antiphlogistic with extra formula from Dr Shens clinic that aids in the additional boost for the recovery process. Lastly, ointment has to be applied conscientiously on the stitched areas to prevent inflammation.

Post opt follow up and removal of stitches

There is slight but expected swelling on her eyelid but by the 7th day, Yuki was able to put on makeup.

The removal of the stitches for the epicanthoplasty was not as painful as Yuki had anticipated and the result was very much to Yuki’s delight.

Her eyes were evidently brighter, sharper and bigger.

One month later

One month later and post double eyelid surgery/ epicanthoplasty have settled flawlessly on Yuki and Joanne’s facial countenance.

With the swelling out of the window, Yuki’s is back in action, this time, more confidence than before. Scoring herself a position in an advertisement, Yuki cannot be more pleased with her new set of eyes.

In Yuki’s opinion, Dr Shens’ mastery of DST technique is reflected in not only the curve of her double eyelid fold that is extended naturally from inside out, but also the astounding transformation from her initial round and short pair of eyes into a beautiful almond-shaped baby blues.

Before and After

Thanks to Dr Shens, the two sisters are now more confident and make up can now truly become a thing of yesterday after DST double eyelid surgery.

Read more from blogger Yuki at her blog, or you can contact Dr Shens (Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu).

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4.8 stars from 10 reviews

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