Big Bang Plastic Surgery: Fact or Rumor?

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One area where women are far ahead of men is in the world of insecurity-driven plastic surgery. You just don’t see men getting breast implants, and there are not yet reliable ways to do penis enlargements. But the industry is catching up, and now there’s a whole array of cosmetic surgeries available to help men look more masculine and better than ever.

Big Bang Plastic Surgery

Ladies watch out, you’ve got competition! No where else is this phenomenon more documented than in South Korea, where girl groups and boy bands get Big Bang plastic surgery left, right and centre without blinking an eye!


Kwon Ji-Yong (G Dragon) Plastic Surgery Transformation

Let’s begin this Big Bang plastic surgery dissection with the boy band’s most well known member, G-Dragon, real name Kwon Ji-Yong.

Kwon Ji-Yong G-Dragon plastic surgery (1)

Described as the “most fashionable” one in his group, G-Dragon’s role in influencing fashion trends in South Korea have garnered him awards such as the “Style Icon of 2008” and the award for “Most Influential Men of 2008” sponsored by Arena magazine.

Fashion icon Kang Dong Won has also acknowledged G-Dragon’s influences, calling him a “fashionista.” Perhaps G-Dragon has also influenced his band members and other Koreans to get Big Bang plastic surgery.

Kwon Ji-Yong G-Dragon plastic surgery (2)

Is the handsome hunk on the right the same as the nerdy looking kid on the left? Well believe it or not, they are both the same person! Same person with different noses that is.

The after picture shows G-Dragon with a longer, more well defined nose than before. He has clearly shaven down the thick nose bridge and increased the height of it with a Silicone implant.

Naturally, the tip has been raised after the insertion of the implant. That seems to be the only Big Bang plastic surgery G-Dragon has got, but might we make a suggestion and propose he gets Botox for those frown lines?


Choi Seunghyun (TOP) Plastic Surgery Transformation

Next up in the Big Bang plastic surgery we’ve got Choi Seunghyun, better known to female fans as TOP. TOP was initially rejected by the record label, which deemed him too “chubby” to fit the “idealistic version” of an idol.

Choi Seunghyun TOP plastic surgery (1)

TOP later stated that he “went home and exercised really hard because I wanted to join YG Entertainment.” Six months later, he returned for another audition and was signed on.

He reportedly lost 20 kg in 40 days! What an incredible feat! It shows the drive TOP had to achieve his goals.

While admitting to doing exercises to lose weight is ok, saying you’ve got Big Bang plastic surgery might not be so acceptable! It might have just recently been ok for girls to admit to going under the knife, but this taboo is still alive and well with boy bands.

Choi Seunghyun TOP plastic surgery (2)

TOP’s nose here has clearly been altered with Big Bang plastic surgery. The tip of his nose become shapely instead of fleshy and the length has somehow increased since the pre debut picture was taken. The bridge is also more well defined and narrower than before.

All in all, it gives him a more harmonious profile and restores balance to his face. Nobody ever looked handsome with a thick fleshy nose!


Dong Yang Bae (Taeyang) Plastic Surgery Transformation

A graduate of Daejin University, Dong Yang-bae aka Taeyang’s first appearance in the entertainment industry was with Maddie in the hip-hop group Jinusean’s music video “A-yo”.

Dong Yang Bae Taeyang plastic surgery (1)

The collaboration eventually lead him to successfully auditioning into the group’s record label YG Entertainment, where he met fellow trainee G-Dragon and former trainee Jun. K. Taeyang has since carved a name of his own as a solo act.

News that Taeyang has a girlfriend has sent many of his female fans into mourning. Perhaps they might be consoled if they saw his pre debut pictures!

Dong Yang Bae Taeyang plastic surgery (2)

Taeyang was a cutie before, but that nose! It was quite big at the tip and the kind that had a low bridge on top. It’s proven that men look more masculine with a higher nose bridge and that lack of height wasn’t doing Taeyang any favours in the looks department!

So perhaps he did have it fixed with Big Bang plastic surgery by getting a nose job that increased the height of his bridge overall.


Kang Dae Sung Plastic Surgery Transformation

It’s hard to believe that the funniest and most outgoing member of the group Kang Dae-sung, once suffered from sociophobia and stage fright. He also had problems with his voice, which is career suicide if you’re a singer!

Kang Dae Sung Plastic Surgery (1)

Thankfully, with therapy Daesung was able to overcome his issues and become the loveable singer that he is. Did getting Big Bang plastic surgery have a role to play in instilling confidence in him?

Kang Dae Sung Plastic Surgery (2)

We initially thought Big Bang plastic surgery might have played a part in helping Daesung gain his confidence but his childhood pictures prove that he is one and the same.

Kang Dae Sung Plastic Surgery (3)

The eyes, the nose, the face cut. Daesung has grown into his looks quite well. The only thing different is his hairstyle. Daesung gets a Big Bang plastic surgery pass from us.


Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri) Plastic Surgery Transformation

Lee Seung-hyun better known as Seungri was on the reality TV series Let’s Cokeplay: Mnet Battle Shinhwa. While Seungri is known for his dance skills, his lack of vocal skills led to his elimination on the TV show. He was later scouted by the record label YG Entertainment and joined the group Big Bang.

Lee Seung Hyun Seungri Plastic Surgery (1)

Although he was initially cut on the ninth episode of the group’s documentary series, he was given another chance to impress YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and succeeded. Seungri’s dashing good looks sure make up for his lack of vocal skills! Did he achieve that by genetics or Big Bang plastic surgery?

Lee Seung Hyun Seungri Plastic Surgery (2)

This picture shows the handsome Seungri in his pre debut and Big Bang days respectively. It appears that just like his band mates, Seungri has undergone rhinoplasty to increase the height of his nose bridge as it is a known fact that Asians do not have good height in this area. Post Big Bang plastic surgery, Seungri now spots a much more masculine version of his old nose.


Let’s now go through the Big Bang plastic surgery transformation

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (1)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (2)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (3)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (4)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (5)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (6)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (7)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (8)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (9)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (10)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (11)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (12)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (13)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (14)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (15)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (16)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (17)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (18)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (19)

Big Bang Plastic Surgery Korea kpop (20)

It’s interesting to note how if this had been a Big Bang plastic surgery review on a girl group like SNSD, we’d have racked up at least 10 plastic surgery procedures in total but being a boy band, we barely have five going on.

Could it be because we place more value on aesthetics for females but not so much for males? Or could this trend reverse in a few years to come where the playing field of cosmetic surgery will be levelled by both genders when physical appearances become more and more important, even trumping natural born talent, as seen in the case of Seungri.

[Photo credit: senrining, bigbangupdates, reallykpop, topofthekpops, fanpop, kpopstarz]


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