Behind the golden gates of Jamie Chua’s extravagant lifestyle

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A 20 year-old air stewardess met an Indonesian tycoon on a business flight and she lived wealthily ever after.

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Not your typical Cinderella story but close enough.

Jamie Chua was serving Nurdian Cuaca, an Indonesian tycoon, on Singapore Airlines and was shortly married to the wealthy man.

While their marriage did not survive the toughest of times, Jamie Chua emerged victorious with the millions she won from Cuaca after her divorce.

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With the millions on hand, Jamie turned things drastically around by setting up her very own beauty line, Luminous 1, and in the midst, never once forgetting to indulge herself in luxuries and her insanely extravagant beauty regime.

The 42 year-old’s beauty regimen alone costs $14,000 with ceaseless massages, spas, facials, manicures and pedicures treatments. A luxury not many can splurge on.

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According to the ex-stewardess:

“I love to eat, but I need to maintain my figure, so twice a week I will go for Cryosculpt Body Shaping treatment, which freezes and eliminates fat – a single session costs about $1,100. I also undergo weekly treatment for the Genosys Hair Growth Therapy ($250 for 30min), which is a deep-cleansing scalp treatment.”

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“When I have to attend special events, I ask Cecilia Chng, who has been my makeup artist for almost 10 years, to come to my home to do eyebrow embroidery ($980) and makeup ($170 per session). I want to look good – it boosts my self-confidence. Besides, I think it’s polite to look good when you go and meet people.”

“To pamper myself, I head to Kim Robinson for a wash-and-blow ($68) as well as a Restructure Treatment ($318 for 60min) once a week – I don’t have the time to go to the salon every day anymore. If I have to attend an event, I’ll get my stylist Miki Gao to style my hair ($126) for me.”

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“Every two weeks, I go for facials at a plastic surgery clinic. My favourite is the Facial Treatment ($588 for 60min) that uses Korean techniques and leaves my skin clean, hydrated and radiant.

“My manicurist Priscilla Ng, whose services I’ve been using for 10 years, comes to my home to do a mani-pedi ($150) for me. She used to come over weekly, but after I switched to gelish manicures, which last longer, she comes over every nine days.

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“My daily skincare routine is quite basic: I use a cleanser – I swear by Eve Lom Cleanser; it’s amazing! – a serum, an eye cream, a day cream and a night cream. If I’m wearing makeup, I also use an eye makeup remover from Chanel.

“Every Sunday, without fail, I’ll go for the LS Ultimate Rejuvenating Massage ($220 for 60min), which is a full-body massage, at LS Philosophy. I’ve been going for it ever since the spa opened in 2008.

“I use facial masks twice a day – I use a brightening one when I wake up and a collagen one before bed. I’m using those from my own brand, Luminous1 by Jamie Chua. I’ve tried other brands such as SK-II and even South Korean brands, but I couldn’t find an ideal one, so I decided to make my own.”


Aside from her astounding $14,000 monthly beauty regime, Jamie isn’t afraid to splurge on branded items. Her staggering 200 Hermes Birkin bag collection has to say the least, made every woman seethe with envy and she isn’t about to stop.

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Owning a bag that costs $223,000, we know that there’s just about nothing that Jamie isn’t ready to pamper herself with.

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What can we say, lucky Jamie Chua was simply at the right place at the right time. And if there’s one thing we learnt, getting a job with Singapore Airlines might probably be the right (and first) track to go.


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