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Rich Chinese women cheated of millions in Hong Kong “Luxury Plastic Surgery Cruise” scam

With an influx of Chinese women seeking plastic surgery outside of China, a Shenzhen-based medical group has taken to cheating to lure the rich and affluent Chinese women into a ‘plastic surgery tour’. Hong Kong-based tabloid Apple Daily reported that the
Dr Colin Tham - Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Spotlight: Plastic Surgeon Dr Colin Tham

In this Doctor’s spotlight series, Dr Colin Tham shares about his early years which moulded him to be the plastic surgeon he is today. To him, helping people unlock potential and inner beauty previously imprisoned by insecurity is surgery to the soul,

All you wanted to know about Dawn Yang plastic surgery

Voted Singapore’s hottest blogger, Dawn Yang has since gained much popularity and has made significant appearances in the media scene. Toggling between pretty and sexy, her sweet and spicy demeanor sends men into fits of hysteria and women, fits of jealousy.

Plastic Surgeons share the top 3 procedures in Singapore for first half 2015

With Singaporeans getting more and more open to the idea of plastic surgery, the cosmetic department in Singapore has gained much traction over the last decade. In fact, cosmetic procedures are garnering so much attention in Singapore that topics on ‘lunchtime

Did Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan undergo any plastic surgery transformation?

With a concoction of part Australian, part Korean-Taiwanese in her, the 21 year-old showbiz personality is one stupefying beauty, not to be missed. Her unique appearance had initially caught the King of Mandopop’s attention, but it eventually stole his heart. While

From Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner – the insane transformation of the Kardashian family patriarch

For those of you who are avid fans of the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you would know the Kardashian family is not your ordinary household. Fraught with rumors, shenanigans, paparazzi and drama, this high-strung family is probably

Chinese male model denies plastic surgery, posts naked selfies with piles of money and now faces online backlash

As plastic surgery clinics are sprouting at every turn in China, getting a prettier countenance or a hotter body is merely a plastic surgery procedure away. And with China gradually becoming an eye-candy paradise, over-the-top and attention-hungry individuals like Liu Zichen,
Dr Marco Faria Correa PlastyTalk

Doctor Spotlight: Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco Faria Correa

In this Doctor’s spotlight series, we feature Dr Marco Faria Correa. Originally from Brazil, Marco Farria Correa first came to Singapore in 1996, and got his full registration from the SMC in 2005. Crowned with several prestigious awards, he lets us

5 Singapore bloggers share their Fractional CO2 Laser reviews and experiences

Because Fractional CO2 Lasers in Singapore are in trend now, we obviously have to get it done. But what exactly is this miracle treatment everyone is raving about? Just how different is Fractional CO2 Laser from the convention ones? While it

15 yr old girl undergoes Extreme Plastic Surgery to win back ex, becomes internet sensation

Ok ladies, let’s be honest. We’ve all been there. We break up, we grieve, but when we’re back on our two feet, the ‘I am going to be the next Beyonce’ mode will be in overdrive.  We do absolutely anything it