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Mo-Ping-King to Comedian King, Mark Lees journey to smoother skin

Acne has got to be one of the worst nemesis for us and that could not be more true for Singapore’s very own comedian, Mark Lee. From age 15, Mark Lee has battled with severe acne but when the nightmare seemed

Complete Guide To Gynecomastia Enlarged Male Breast in Singapore

We all think that when it comes to breasts, they’re a concern pertaining only to the fairer gender. However, men do have breasts – even milk ducts. With high testosterone levels produced puberty, for the vast majority of men, the breast

The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Skin by an Aesthetic Doctor

Type “How To Get Perfect Skin” on any search engine and the list of tips and remedies are endless. From the renowned ‘10-step Korean skin care regime’ to the more obscure ‘24 hour drink menu that guarantees perfect skin’, many of

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A VASER Lipo Than Other Fat Reduction Treatments

When it comes to body contouring and fat reduction, liposuction is the go-to solution for many. Not only can liposuction zap away the stubborn fats around our problematic areas, but it also aids in overall health with studies revealing that patients

Just 3 procedures to waking up looking fabulous

With beauty being more heavily emphasised in our society these days, plastic surgery and make-up trends have evolved drastically over the years. And while make-up should be used sparingly to enhance our natural features, the make-up that we know of today

Jade Rasif Plastic Surgery: Did it help this Singapore DJ get famous?

A smoking hot DJ, a New Face first runner up and a model, Jade Rasif seems to be the ultimate package of sweet and spicy. Commanding a $1000 per-hour set, Jade Rasif is one of the most highly paid, if not,

Get a Smooth Complexion with PICO Acne Scars Laser (PICOCARE)

The infuriating and painful truth about acne is, regardless of the severity of the acne condition or the level of attention and method we choose to treat our acne, acne somehow always manages to find a way to leave its nasty

What to expect when you undergo Rhinoplasty in Singapore?

Looking to undergo Rhinoplasty surgery in Singapore? Let’s explore more about the procedure, including what to expect and the process of the procedure. Looking for a surgeon? Find a Rhinoplasty Singapore Plastic Surgeon.     Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose plastic surgery,

3 procedures to magically look younger after lunch

It’s finally lunchtime and you’ve absolutely had it for the day! You look yourself in the mirror before leaving the office and all you see is a worn and tired looking face. Those wretched wrinkles on your forehead seemed to have

By2 Yumi & Miko denies undergoing plastic surgery

Remember the last time we discussed the By2 plastic surgery transformation in detail? Well, that wasn’t too long ago but speculations of the By2 plastic surgery transformation has once again run amok in the Internet sphere. This time round, with a