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Superfan takes 8 years of plastic surgery to look like Fan Bing Bing

Recently, a superfan look-alike appeared on the popular Chinese singing competition show “Super Girl,” astonishing the audience with her incredibly near resemblance to one of China’s most famous actresses – Fan Bing Bing. He Chengxi, has spent the past 8 years going

Mum Wants to Disown Daughter Who Spent S$170,000 on Plastic Surgery over 2 years

On a TV program aired by Dragon TV, a distressed mother decided to turn to the media for help to stop her 29-year-old daughter’s plastic surgery habit. During the talk show aired on live TV to millions of viewers, the 61-year-old

Thai girl took 8 years of plastic surgeries to look like Kpop’s Nichkhun of 2PM

This Thai girl idolised Nichkhun of 2PM so much that it took her 8 years of plastic surgeries to finally look like her idol. For those who don’t follow K-pop, Nichkhun’s parents are Thai-Chinese though he was born in America. Being

Twins spent $32k on matching plastic surgery to look like Barbie Dolls

Meet Sara and Emma Koponen, twins who are so obsessed with looking alike that they undergone the same plastic surgery procedures to look like “Barbie Dolls”. The identical twins who were originally from Sweden, moved to Spain in pursuit of plastic

GP Dr Kevin Teh suspended for misconduct over vaser liposuction treatment

General practitioner Kevin Teh has been suspended for four months by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) for professional misconduct following aesthetic treatment that went wrong. This is his second run-in with the SMC over aesthetic treatment, with the first being almost causing

New Trend in India: Breaking your legs to grow a few inches taller

Rohan Gupta, 21, willingly got both his legs broken and metal rods impaled through them in two places to support a clunky frame. Unable to walk and in pain, he was laid up for months, spending upwards of S$12,000 on treatment.

Chinese woman wants plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba to win back ex-boyfriend

This woman from Shanghai was so keen to win back her ex-boyfriend that she wanted to undergo plastic surgery to look like his favourite Hollywood idol and dream girl – Jessica Alba. Xiaoqing said that her ex-boyfriend was obsessed with Jessica Alba,

Teacher’s lips turned BLUE after Groupon deal Fillers treatment gone wrong

This teacher wanted lips like Kylie Jenner – but botched treatment left them blue, lumpy and sore. Amelia Greville, who lives in Bangkok, thought she had spotted a bargain when she saw a deal for Juvéderm lip fillers on Groupon. The 24-year-old,

5 Top Singapore bloggers Plastic Surgery transformation. Which blogger has the best transformation?

Bloggers in Singapore are influential individuals who make significant impact on netizens’ perspectives. They are the driving force of the latest fads and they open the floodgates to all things controversial. This post came as a result of a poll a

Firefighter gets new face in groundbreaking face transplant surgery

A volunteer firefighter from Mississippi whose face was burned off during a home fire rescue received the world’s most extensive face transplant, New York University Langone Medical Center said on Monday. After a 26-hour surgery performed at the New York hospital