Amaris B Clinic: The Liposuction, Gynecomastia and Fat Grafting Clinic Since 2005

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Having set up Amaris B. Clinic 13 years ago, aesthetic medicine was still relatively unknown and not as well received as today.

Despite the underwhelming response towards aesthetic medicine back then, Dr. Ivan Puah, however, had a vision.

Continuous Training & Skills Improvement

For him, his practice was a manifestation of his agenda: to make safe and medically-proven treatment for facial and body enhancement accessible to everyone.

Yet, the road to his successful practice today was not always a breeze.

Faced with a lack of locally available training then that could help hone his skills, he frequently travelled around the world to be trained by the very best.

Spending hundreds of hours yearly on training, he has garnered not only the most invaluable set of skills in aesthetic medicine, but the training has helped refine his mastery in this field.

Being one of the pioneers in Vaser Liposuction, he was amongst the first groups of doctors to offer VASER Liposuction in Singapore in 2005.

Dr Ivan Puah, The Fat Reduction And Body Sculpting Doctor

Amidst the multitude of aesthetic treatments that Dr. Puah is proficient in, the area of the face and body sculpting captures his interest the most.

To the doctor, not only is body sculpting a form of body art, the fascination and beauty of body sculpting lie in its capacity to enhance specific areas of the human anatomy to achieve one’s most desired figure.

With the vision of catering to the needs of a wide range of patients who are keen on sculpting their body to perfection, Dr Puah and his team at Amaris B Clinic is one of the few clinics that offer a comprehensive range of treatment for fat reduction and body sculpting.

Understanding The Male & Female Anatomy – Gynecomastia, Liposuction & Fat Grafting

Thoroughly understanding the works of the human anatomy, Dr. Ivan Puah comprehends the struggle of stubborn bulges on his patient’s body.

And when exercise does not make the cut in reshaping one’s body to that of the ideal, his mastery in body sculpting via liposuction plays that significant role in helping both genders achieve the bodies they never thought could possibly exist.

Successfully helping numerous male patients with their gynecomastia condition aka “male boobs”, he is responsible for the restoration of confidence in many of his patients.

But it is not only the male gender that has enjoyed the benefits of his skills in aesthetics medicine.

Females who struggle with stubborn fat on their abdomen, love hands and thighs or a loss of fat from intended areas such as their breasts and buttock have had a desirable outcome to their body contour under the nimble-fingered Dr Puah from Amaris B Clinic, allowing them to exude every ounce of femininity within them.

Appointed Trainer At Allergan @ Botox & Fillers

More than an accomplished aesthetics doctor in Vaser Liposuction, Dr. Ivan Puah is competent in Botulinum toxins (i.e. Botox) and fillers.

Appointed as a trainer to new doctors who wish to learn about botox and fillers, he conducts regular training to train and share his experience with fellow doctors with the latest development in this field.

Botox and fillers can do much wonder for patients who are afflicted with facial wrinkles, undesirable facial shapes and sagginess in the facial department.

With botox to reduce the disagreeable facial wrinkles, the combination with fillers for a facial lifting, nose and chin enhancement, reduction in folds and even a reduction in dark eye circles revamp the facial contours, instantly injecting rejuvenation and youth in the patients’ countenance.

With treatments lasting a mere 10 minutes and with minimal to no downtime, Dr. Ivan Puah’s patients find a drastic improvement to a wide range of skin and facial aesthetic issues.

Patients’ Satisfaction Is The Best Reward

It is one cosmetic enhancement surgery that made the most lasting of impressions and one that reminds him the reason behind his passion for aesthetic medicine.

Plagued by gynecomastia (male boobs), Dr. Ivan Puah vividly remembers just how painfully shy this male patient of his was.

His self-confidence was at an all time low and hid behind baggy clothes in hopes to conceal all traces of self-consciousness.

Desperate and exasperated, the patient sought his help, and after performing a gynecomastia surgery on him, the patient was transformed both inside out.

Deeply etched in his mind, Dr Puah would never forget that widest smile and that completely different façade when his patient came back to his clinic to personally thank him with a cake in his hands.

But what was most memorable was that, this withdrawn patient who first walked through doors of Amaris B Clinic, was able to walk out with not only his head held high, but became one of the competitors in a bodybuilding competition.

Amaris B. Clinic: The Liposuction, Gynecomastia and Fat Grafting Clinic Since 2005

For Dr. Ivan Puah of Amaris B Clinic, being an aesthetic doctor is more than just a career.

To him, he fancies the art behind body sculpting.

Viewing every patient as a canvass for him to create his masterpiece, it is the intrigue behind the artistic side of science that motivates him each day to becoming a better aesthetic doctor than the day before.

Ivan Puah

Aesthetic Doctor

140 Arab Street
Singapore 199827


Customised Plastic Surgery Package

Why look to a customised package?

Every patient may have their own individual needs, and Dr Ng will be able to specifically identify the exact combination of treatment that one might need. Get a customised package today!

Ng Siew Weng

Plastic Surgeon


Botox + Filler (Jaw & Chin & Nose) $2000

Why do Botox & Fillers?

This is a V-shape holistic face procedure, designed to enhance one's looks giving a sharper facial profile and a more beautiful face.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor


Vaser LipoSelection Package $4000

What is Vaser LipoSelection?

3rd-gen ultrasound-assisted liposuction with minimal swelling and pain. Technology with advanced sculpting techniques employed in Vaser-assisted Hi-Definition Liposculpture: the creation of athletic definition from surface fat; six-packs anyone?

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon

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