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Voted Singapore’s hottest blogger, Dawn Yang has since gained much popularity and has made significant appearances in the media scene.

Toggling between pretty and sexy, her sweet and spicy demeanor sends men into fits of hysteria and women, fits of jealousy.

Sexy and hot Dawn Yang

However, Dawn Yang’s somewhat unnatural looking face stirred wild conjecture, leaving many suspicious of the blogger undergoing plastic surgery procedures.

The speculations were later corroborated when the blogger admitted to having surgery done amidst tons of  pictorial evidences of Dawn Yang’s not-so-glamorous earlier days permeating the online sphere.

While Dawn Yang has admitted to the highly suspected Dawn Yang plastic surgery, however, the blogger refused to let us in on the truth behind the Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation.

But because the pictures of Dawn Yang’s past and present are so ridiculously disparate as night and day, here at PlastyTalk, we decided to shed some light on what could be the Dawn Yang plastic surgery.

Before we start, here’s a quick before and after picture of our hottest blogger, Dawn Yang.

Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery

The Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation is a pretty jaw-dropping one, as you can tell from the before and after pictures.

The sad truth is, our hottest blogger wasn’t all that hot and desirable in her earlier ‘unadulterated’ days. Plain, ordinary and (below) average were probably the words used to describe the ‘then’ Dawn Yang.

But all of that mediocrity was rid off after Dawn Yang received much help from the plastic surgery department.

So what are some of the possible procedures that the Dawn Yang plastic transformation may compose of? Let the games begin.


The Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation – Eyes

Dawn Yang eyes plastic surgery

“Goodness! What big eyes you have.”

One of the most prominent changes in the Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation seems to be directed to be her eyes. Look at that pair of bright sparkling eyes.

Just a heads up, do not stare too hard into those crystal globes, you might find yourself experiencing an overwhelming surge of infatuation (or chills).

Looking at the before and after picture of Dawn Yang, our dearest blogger may have undergone massive changes to her eye. From the shape of the eye to the width and length of the eye, she probably has done it all.

Judging from the pictures, there is a very high possibility that Dawn Yang has undergone a blepharoplasty.

It is almost impossible for Asians to attain that thick deep-set double eyelid crease but hey, Dawn Yang claims to have (miniscule, almost negligible) Dutch ancestry, so perhaps those very Eurasian eyes were late bloomers and had only blossomed in her late teens and early twenties (which also happens to be the legal age of plastic surgery in Singapore).

Dawn Yang eyes epicanthoplasty

Cutting the inner corners of your eye aka Epicanthoplasty is a procedure done to open up the corners of the eyes, giving it a sexy cat-like eyes.

While Asians rarely have such distinct inner corners of the eye, Dawn Yang, of course, is special since she is after all, a Dutch predecessor (lucky her).

Dawn Yang lateral canthoplasty

So while we are at this, let’s play a round of ‘I Spy’. I spy with little eye (unlike Dawn Yang’s) a Lateral Cantoplasty.

What is that red patch doing at the outer corners of Dawn Yang’s eyes? Sorry, but anything that extends beyond the Sclera is kind of like a dead giveaway of a Lateral Canthoplasty.


The Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation – Nose

Dawn Yang plastic surgery Nose

Excuse us! But who in the devil stole Dawn Yang’s flabby alar?

But well, it’s probably forgivable since the culprit has given Dawn Yang a higher and longer nose bridge in exchange for her bulbous alar. (the beauty of give and take)

We must say, Dawn Yang does look way better in the ‘after’, since a smaller nose enhances the other Eurasian facial features on her.

Dawn Yang rhinoplasty and alarplasty

As for those of us who unfortunately, do not possess that infinitesimal Eurasian genes, but want to achieve Dawn Yang’s naturally small and sharp nose, a rhinoplasty and alarplasty can be adopted to get that Eurasian-esque nose.

So fret not, all hope is not lost for us bona fide Asians.

Dawn Yang nose procedures

Dawn Yang nose plastic surgery before after


The Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation – Jaw/Chin

Dawn Yang jaw and chin plastic surgery

Looking at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, it seems like Singapore’s hottest blogger, Dawn Yang, may have also undergone some procedures to have her jaw and chin fixed.

Her facial shape looks much sharper and pronounced than before. Her more angular jaw is unquestionably gentler on the right. Also, her protruding jaw is also pushed back to reduce that ‘moon face’ effect she inherently possessed.

Dawn Yang chin procedure transformation

Dawn Yang jaw procedure

Dawn yang plastic surgery jaw and chin

We would give the Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation a perfect 10 had it not been for some botched procedures.

The eyes and nose were truly works of art, fine-tuned to perfection.

We wish we could say the same about her jaws and chin.

But very unfortunately, Dawn Yang’s botched chin surgery didn’t quite pull through, resulting in her rather weird looking chin.

Dawn Yang plastic surgery gone wrong


The Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation – Skin

Dawn Yang skin transformation

Did we not say Dawn Yang’s transformation is so drastic; the difference is as night and day.

Well, just look at the skin color transformation. It’s probably apt enough to make it to the cover album of Michael Jackson’s Black or White.

Night and day, black or white, Dawn Yang must either have stayed out of the sun for a good 10 years, bathed in bleach all day or gotten some serious skin whitening.


Now that we have witnessed what could be some astounding changes of the Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation, let’s take a moment to calm down and reel back from shock. And there’s just no better way than to see the gradual transformation of Singapore’s hottest blogger, Ms Dawn Yang.

Dawn yang before plastic surgery

Dawn Yang young days

Dawn yang before plastic surgery transformation

Dawn yang plastic before

Dawn yang before transformation friends with xiaxue

Dawn Yang before proceures

Dawn Yang double eyelid surgery

Dawn yang eyes procedure eyelid

Dawn Yang plastic surgery before after

Dawn Yang on Maxim after plastic surgery

Dawn yang hot rhinoplasty

Dawn Yang before after

Dawn yang sexy plastic surgery

Dawn Yang eyelid procedure surgery

Dawn yang xiaxue plastic surgery

Dawn Yang photoshoot sexy after cosmetic surgery

Sexy and hot Dawn Yang

Dawn yang plastic surgery transformation before and after

Dawn Yang xiaxue plastic surgery transformation

Dawn Yang blogshop eye nose jaw chin

Dawn Yang plastic surgery timeline

Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation timeline

Dawn Yang scandal plastic surgery

Dawn Yang photoshoot blogshop botox fillers

Dawn yang cosmetic surgery transformation

Dawn yang before and after

Dawn yang sg plastic surgery

Dawn Yang transformation after plastic surgery

Singapore blogger dawn yang plastic surgery

Dawn yang blogger plastic surgery procedures

For someone who allegedly has Eurasian ancestry, Dawn Yang really looked nothing like a mixed blood in her earlier years.

In fact, she looked extremely Asian with her flat bulbous nose, slit-like eyes and a broad flat face. In fact, she would have checked all boxes that painfully defined her, an Asian; a quality she might not want to have much association with.

It seems as though the Eurasian-ness in her only triggered in the later part of her years, slipping in insidiously and very discreetly, explaining that full-fledged Caucasian eyes and pencil sharp nose in her later years.

Now read more about Dawn Yang’s ex best friend, Xiaxue’s plastic surgery transformation.

But the more rational explanation could very well just be the summation of the Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation.

Either ways, Dawn Yang has come a long way in her appearance and has definitely transformed into a stunning beauty.

Whether it is the Dutch-ness in her that’s working it or the almost impeccable Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation, Dawn Yang is Singapore’s hottest and sexiest blogger and there’s just no two ways about it.

[Image credits: EDMW, sgforums, cozycot forums, blogs, instagram]


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