All about Show Luo’s new girlfriend Grace Chow’s Plastic Surgery

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So popular Taiwanese singer, host and actor, Show Luo aka Xiao Zhu, has a new belle in his life but unfortunately, things aren’t as dandy as they should be in a budding relationship.

It’s not too long ago since Show Luo admitted to dating ‘little Angelababy’ and the internet-sphere is bursting with hateful and really nasty comments about Grace Chow.

Show Luo and grace chow

“How can you give your beloved son over to such a woman?” they asked. “One look at her, and you can tell she’s a spendthrift! How come we’ve followed Show for this long, only to wait for trash like this?” one even took to Show’s mother’s weibo account to air her vehement disapproval.

From materialistic to gaudy to downright trashy, Grace Chow hasn’t had it easy since the couple got together.

After much trash talking and accusations from disgruntled Show Luo’s fans, that Chow has undergone the knife, the Chinese internet celebrity, Grace Chow, did not deny and admitted to having plastic surgery done, bringing yet another bout of harsh criticism of Chow.

A clearly disapproving fan says, “I still don’t understand why you would find a plastic surgery monster who loves smoking and worships money,”

Grace Show before after plastic surgery (1)

So yes, perhaps Grow Chow has had a Blepharoplasty, a Rhinoplasty and possibly a Jaw reduction and a Zygoma reduction done but so what?

Just look at how gorgeous she is now.

Grace Show plastic surgery (2)

Grace Show aka Show Luo plastic surgery (3)

Grace Show aka Show Luo plastic surgery (5)

Post plastic surgery Grace Chow seems to really live up to the name of ‘Little Angelababy with her doe-like eyes and sky high nose bridge.

Three words for the lady – Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Grace Show aka Show Luo plastic surgery (6)

To us, Grace Chow is just another eye candy for us netizens to appreciate and admire but it sure doesn’t seem to be the case for Show Luo’s diehard female fans.

Perhaps all that disparaging and bad mouthing might just be a case of sour grapes, to which we hope would soon die down because hey, everyone deserves to love freely.

Grace Show aka Show Luo plastic surgery (4)

So diehard fans out there, take a hint from Show Luo here.

Let the awful comments rest and let’s wish these two lovebirds the very best in their romantic endeavor.


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