[New Treatment] Use AGNES for Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal

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Ever wonder why you’re looking less refreshed and more haggard during those hectic work weeks? Well, the answer lies in those eyes.

When it comes to looking fresh and youthful, eyebags are definitely our number one nemesis.

However, with constant exposure to the computer, grueling late nights, unhealthy diets, allergies, stress and even genetics, eyebags are seemingly unavoidable in the fast-paced and increasingly stressful world of today.

The darkened bulge under our eyelids pile on addition years to us and it is anything but flattering to say the very least.

Not only that, the disagreeable sacs that sit under our eyes have the capacity to sap all traces of youthfulness in us which results in a pallid and even sickly countenance.

So what are some of the common eyebags conditions that we are plagued with?

There are generally 3 main types of eyebags conditions that we fall prey to.

Type 1 Eye Bag Condition

For individuals that belong to the type 1 eyebags condition, you will generally find:

  • Mild eyebag fat accumulation under the eyes
  • The eyebags may not be as prominent
  • The eyebags are only visible when looking up

Despite type 1 condition being mild, it is crucial to seek treatment to prevent the exacerbation of the eyebags condition.

Type 2 Eye Bag Condition

For individuals that belong to the type 2 eyebags condition, you will generally find: 

  • An accumulation of eyebag fats in a semi-circle under the eyes
  • The eyebags are prominent when looking straight ahead

Type 2 eyebags condition is slightly more severe than the type 1 eyebags condition. As such, in order to curtail the severity of the eyebags, it is important to fix your eyebags when they start to show.

Type 3 Eye Bag Condition

For individuals that belong to the type 3 eyebags condition, you will generally find:

  • A large amount of eyebag fat accumulation in a semi-circle under the eyes
  • The eyebgs are very prominent
  • The eyes look swollen and tired

Type 3 eyebags condition is considered one of the most severe eyebags condition. The protrusion of the eyebags not only shrinks the eyes, but also makes the individual look perpetually tired and haggard.

And so, when under attack by the unsightly bags under our eyes, many of us scurry to find quick fix remedies in hopes of ridding those nasty eyebags that have overstayed their welcome.

From splurging on exorbitant eye creams, compensating for sleep deprivation, to exercising discipline in our diet, we find our efforts in vain when it comes to coaxing those eyebags to take their leave.

Truth is, such remedies are limited in their capacity to assuage these eyebags and dark eye circles and as such, those who are severely perturbed by their pesky eyebags, have no choice but to turn to drastic measures to have their eyebags permanently removed.

While going under the knife is an effective means to have your eyebags woe fixed, however, with surgery comes possible complications and as such, many have also found themselves in a predicament when it comes to their eyebags.

So does that mean that we all have to bite the bullet and live with a haggard façade should surgery not be an option?

Well, thankfully not!

Agnes is here to save the day regardless of the stage of eyebags that you are burdened with.

Promising to exterminate the eyebags under our tired looking eyes and restoring vitality and youthfulness that the eyebags has robbed from us, Agnes eyebags treatment is your solution to brighter and younger looking eyes.

What is Agnes?

Using non-surgical radiofrequency, Agnes is the latest technology that effectively tightens the skin around your eyelids.

With the Agnes eyebags treatment, it is an effective, all in one treatment for patients that are afflicted with tired looking eyes.

Just a treatment with Agnes, patients will see an instant reduction in droopiness of their upper eyelids, giving their eyes that much needed lift.

Not only that, the crow’s feet that meander on the side of the eyes becomes significantly inconspicuous. Not to mention, Agnes treatment will effectively combat the unsightly bulge hanging under the eyelids, giving your eyes that instant makeover.

Using Agnes treatment for the eyebags presents the best of both worlds for patients. Not only does the Agnes eyebags treatment rejuvenate the eyes, giving you a younger looking appearance, but with

  • NO Downtime
  • NO Pain
  • NO Scars
  • NO Redness
  • NO Incisions
  • NO Risks

Agnes eyebags treatment is your solution to your eyebags woes.

How does Agnes eyebags treatment work?

Making use of a patented micro-needle that is as fine as a mosquito sting, Agnes is the latest hassle-free, non-surgical technology that emits radio-frequency energy with absolute precision.

The new technology is also coupled with the ability to selectively target and shrink subcutaneous fat between the skin and before the orbital septum.

The complementary characteristics of precision and selective targeting makes Agnes one of the most ideal technologies in treating small and delicate areas such as the eyes.

With Agnes eyebags treatment, the technology results in tightening and firming of the skin around the eye as new collagen is also stimulated into forming during the process.

A typical Agnes eyebags treatment usually lasts for about 20 minutes.

A numbing cream is first applied around the eye area which is followed by anaesthetic jabs.

After which,  a hand-held device with a needle that delivers heat is used and working on the specific areas,  RF pierces the skin at controlled depths which results in the melting of the fat while stimulating collagen production at the same time.

After the quick procedure, patients are given cooling gel packs which will be placed on the eye area to soothe the skin. Patients may feel slight tenderness and sensitivity immediately after treatment.

What can you expect after Agnes eyebags treatment?

Optimum results will be seen approximately 1 – 2 months after the Agnes eyebags treatment.

However, some patients do see results as quickly as 2 weeks post Agnes eyebags treatment.

The effects of the procedure can last from anywhere between 3 and 5 years.

After which, the procedure can be repeated for maintenance purposes

Who do I go to for the Agnes eyebags treatment?

With more than 15 years in Aesthetic Medicine, Clifford Clinic is your go to aesthetics clinic with your eyebags condition.

Dr Gerard Ee, who has substantial knowledge and experience when it comes to any eyebags condition, is able to concoct personalized treatments in order for you to get the optimum results for your eyes.

Having had several patients with varying eyebags conditions, Dr Gerard Ee is well-acquainted with the exact treatment that suits each patient.

Working closely and understanding every of his patients’ needs, Dr Gerard Ee patiently walks his patients through the process and has been delivering nothing but outstanding results for each of his patients.

Using the most effective technology under the proficiency of a skilled and experienced aesthetician, Agnes eyebags treatment with Dr Gerard Ee is your surest way to saying goodbye to those dull and tired looking eyes.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

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4.9 stars from 3 reviews

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