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About the female body with age

Taut, shapely, voluptuous – are some words to describe a youthful feminine body. Unfortunately, with the laws of gravity working closely with the inescapable grasp of aging, the female body takes a drastic shift for the worse as we pass the big 30.

The once taut and curvaceous bodies have now slackened into a messy blob and the formerly perky breasts now hang limply way below the accepted height.

ADR-C Breast enhancement procedure

The journey beyond the 30 brings about an unwelcoming increase in body fat percentage with muscles becoming increasingly inflexible. But the most daunting change of them all, our skin loses elasticity and collagen.

Dr Ivan Puah, founder and Medical Director of Amaris B, understands the frustrations of women beyond their 30s and is determined to help restore their former youth.

“To keep excess weight off the bay, stay active with cardiovascular exercises combined with strength training to increase metabolic rate and build muscle mass. Drink lots of water and make healthy food choices to keep our skin healthy and hydrated,” advises the doctor.

However, the usual advice to exercise regularly and adherence to a healthy diet only serve to delay the inevitable.

The battle in the eradication of aggravating issues such as stubborn fat, skin laxity and wrinkles does require more than just your everyday routine.

“One of Amaris B. Clinic’s signature treatments is Vaser Liposelection (VASERlipo). It is the latest minimally-invasive body sculpting procedure that utilizes the most advanced ultrasonic technology to melt away and remove unwanted fat cells while leaving important connective tissues largely undisturbed.

During treatment, tiny incisions are made into the targeted areas and a device that emits ultrasonic waves is inserted to precisely break down and liquefy the fat cells.

The liquefied fat cells are then removed. VASERlipo allows a very thorough removal of fat cells and results in better skin contracture post-op.

Most patients describe the treatment sensation as sore, akin to over-exercise kind of soreness, rather than pain.

There is minimal downtime and patients can resume daily activities after a day or two’s rest,” an effective way to combat stubborn fats as age creeps up on us.

About ADR-C breast enhancement procedure

With our stubborn fats in check with VASERlipo, the next step to attaining former glory is an adjustment to our breasts.

The added years have undeniably contributed to the unsightly sagginess and unsymmetrical shape of our bosoms.

A Doctor in body sculpting, Dr Ivan Puah understands women’s exasperation when it comes to their undesirable set of breasts and has provided the perfect solution – ADR-C Breast enhancement procedure, one of Amaris B Clinic’s signature procedures.

ADR-C Breast enhancement procedure with Amaris B clinic

“This innovative and minimally invasive breast augmentation procedure is a 2-in-1 procedure that involves removing unwanted fat tissues from a part of your body such as abdomen, waist or thigh and then purifying and harvesting the fat tissues to be re-injected into the breast area.

This ADR-C breast enhancer procedure allows the patient to achieve a more sculpted silhouette and bigger breasts in one setting!”

Post ADR-C breast enhancement procedure spots fuller and more symmetrical breasts, which in turn, result in a more sculpted feminine body.

With a much faster recovery time and an absence of ruptures, leaks or shifts usually associated with implants, ADR-C breast enhancement procedure is a much preferable method as compared to its silicon implantation counterpart.

About Dr Ivan Puah

Holding a Dip in Dermatology (Singapore) and also a certified TCM acupuncturist, Dr Ivan Puah is a medical doctor with special interest in aesthetic medicine.

Armed with medical training at National Skin Center, the aesthetic doctor was given the opportunity to learn from the very best.

Steadfast to the notion of continuation learning, exploring and improvising, Dr Puah is morphed into the professional that he is today.

Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B Clinic

“Being a good aesthetic doctor requires patience, an eye for beauty and steady well-trained hands.  I believe in communicating openly with my patients in order to produce the results that he or she yearns for.  It is important to be ethical and not give empty promises to patients as they have placed their trust in you,”

Dr Puah said when asked what makes a good aesthetic doctor in his opinion.

His motivation in his career as an aesthetic doctor, stems not only from his patients’ trust and confidence in him for delivering the result of their dreams, but also the capacity of an aesthetic treatment to change a person’s life.

“I had a male patient, who was extremely shy and lack of self-confidence as he was disturbed by overly enlarged male breasts for years. He wears baggy clothes to hide it.  Eventually we carried out a gynecomastia surgery on him.

I remembered on the last review, he came into the clinic with a cake in his hand and a big smile to thank us for solving his problem.

Subsequently he even went on to train for bodybuilding competition. I am in awe of his determination,” Dr Puah recounted one of his most memorable procedures.

About Amaris. B Clinic

Being one of the few clinics in Singapore who is licensed by Ministry of Health to perform various types of invasive and minimally invasive body sculpting procedures such as liposuction, Amaris B. Clinic is the pioneering aesthetics clinic in Singapore and Asia Pacific that offers a full range of liposuction/fat sculpting treatment, fat grafting for breast and facial enhancement when they first set up in 2005.

Not excluding the males in the beauty equation, Amaris B. Clinic has further expanded their reach and set up another branch of services for our male clients, to help them regain body and self-confidence.

The people behind Amaris B Clinic are a team of diligent medical professionals who strive hard to build a strong presence in the medical and beauty aesthetic industry in Singapore and Asia Pacific, providing skillful, quality, safe and affordable priced surgical and non-surgical based cosmetic enhancement treatments.

“At Amaris B. Clinic, this is the place “Where beauty meets passion” – we are passionate about what we do and we believe that be it man or woman, be your own kind of beautiful.  Wanting to look good is not about vanity, it is to fulfill a personal desire and Amaris B. Clinic is here to help you realize that.”

Ivan Puah

Aesthetic Doctor

140 Arab Street
Singapore 199827

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Vaser LipoSelection Package $4000

What is Vaser LipoSelection?

3rd-gen ultrasound-assisted liposuction with minimal swelling and pain. Technology with advanced sculpting techniques employed in Vaser-assisted Hi-Definition Liposculpture: the creation of athletic definition from surface fat; six-packs anyone?

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What is Q-switch + HF Laser?

An anti-pigmentation and radiance laser, combined with a medical grade facial, to remove comedones, cure acne and get rid of pigmentation.

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Every patient may have their own individual needs, and Dr Ng will be able to specifically identify the exact combination of treatment that one might need. Get a customised package today!

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