9 Post Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips by Dr Leo

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We believe that what Dr Leo Kah Woon has shared with us in part 1 of the Breast Augmentation QnA section has helped many of us who are keen on a breast augmentation to make a sound decision when choosing the best breast augmentation modal.

However, it is more than just the knowledge of pre-surgery that we require. It is important to learn of the after care in order for us to achieve the ideal looking pair of lady bosoms.

In part 2 of Dr Leo’s Breast Augmentation QnA doctor opinion section, the professional will be addressing post surgery care, expectations and recovery time.

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1) What can I expect right after the surgery?

Breast will be swollen and slight bruising will be spotted. For the first few weeks, the breast will feel tender to the touch.

2) What to do for post surgery care?

Immediately after surgery, a dressing in the Inframammary fold will be kept in the breast for a week. A special support bra will be provided for the patients to wear after surgery. After a week when the dressing is removed, the patients will then be able to resume normalcy such as bathing.

Bathing is fine during the first week when the dressing is in the breast, however, it is crucial to not get any water into the dressing.

3) What can be done to remove the scar from a breast augmentation surgery?

Usually after surgery, scar cream and lightening cream will be provided. For some patients, they can start on laser treatments and scar therapy so that the scar is kept to a minimal.

4) Are there any foods to avoid after surgery?

Usually nothing. However, some Chinese patients avoid soy sauce and seafood.

5) When is a good time to go back to office/workout routine for the different methods used?

Patients typically resume work between 2-3 days after surgery. As for exercise, patients can resume their exercise regime in a week. It is advised to not exercise to avoid perspiring in the first week after surgery as this increases the chance of infection.

6) What is the recovery time for the different methods (implants vs fat grafting)?

The breast will be almost fully recovered after 1 week for the implant method while the fat grafting will almost fully recover after 2 weeks as there will still be bruising even after the first week.

7) Are there any tips to hasten the recovery process?

Patients are provided anti-swelling cream to hasten the recovery process. It is also important to keep the wound dry as much as possible and avoid any exercises that will stretch the wound.

8) How long does it take before the swelling goes down?

It takes about 4-6 weeks for the swelling to totally go down.

9) How long does it take before the breast looks and feels natural to the touch?

Similarly, the breast looks and feels completely natural about 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Read here for Part 1 of QnA – what to know before a Breast Augmentation procedure.

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