6 ways for men to appear more confident and successful

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Cash. Car. Condominium. Credit card. Country-club membership. The 5 magical C’s, aka the yardstick of every man’s social standing in Singapore, is undoubtedly, the goal that every man lusts after.

Achieving that 5 C’s is evidently, no walk in the park and for many, it is a tedious uphill climb to the peak of success.

And while it may take a while to get to the big boys’ table, looking good and confident is just as important a process to prepare you for your ultimate success.

They say looks are not everything, but looks are definitely something in the magical world of success.

And so, while giving success time to brew, it’s now time for you to look the part as you enter the world of wealth and success.

  1. Erase those dark eye circles

Dark. Dreadful. Disastrous. Dark eye circles are as ominous as they look, denying you of not only a youthful appearance, but loom forbiddingly over the vibrancy of success.

Dark eye circles reflect the impression of perpetual fatigue, which is definitively, not a good sign when it comes to looking the part of being a successful looking man.

The dark eye circles that besiege your eye sockets drain you of the appearance of freshness and vitality and that in itself, is a wedge between you and success.

  1. Suit up that lean physique

Suits – a symbol of masculine power in the working society. And while it is true that a suit can help to seemingly boost your social standing, a flabby physique trapped in a suit will however, do you in.

A lean and sculpted body not only enhances your image of success, but also conveys the notion of discipline, a key element when it comes to being a successful individual.

With the folds that spill over your body-hugging suit, it gives the impression of a sloppy looking you and that is an image you want to steer away from.

Looking sharp is key to looking successful, so trim off the excess fat and pair that body with the sleekest of suits and you are well on your way to looking a million bucks.

  1. Iron those wrinkles out

A successful man has the world at his feet, NOT all over his face!

Having wrinkles all over your face not only reveals that age has finally caught up with the perpetually exhausted-looking you, but also washes away that robust aura of vivacity that surrounds dynamic and successful individuals.

The extra folds and creases essentially scrunch up your face and as such, masking every ounce of freshness, and not to mention confidence, within you.

And so, the solution is simple, smooth out those pesky lines with botox and you will find your self-esteem dwindle no more.

  1. It’s ‘bye, boo’ with those man boobs

Let’s face it, men. The boob business belongs to the ladies and keeping those man boobs at bay is definitely the right way to go.

Man boobs are no doubt a man’s worst nemesis and many who suffer from this condition find their self-confidence plummet to an all time low.

Man boobs are a hassle at every turn for those who are victimized by the condition, to say the very least.

From the choice of clothes to interaction with the fairer gender, the presence of man boobs is nothing but a disservice to your appearance and an undisputed impediment when it come to attracting the opposite sex.

Fortunately, with procedures such as gynecomastia surgery, looking successful and confident is not that tall an order anymore.

  1. Lose the zits, have a seat (at the big boys table)

Nothing spells adolescence like a face plagued with acne. The association of acne with juvenility heralds disaster like no other, should you want to establish yourself as a mature and successful looking man.

It is no secret that acne takes a toll on our self-esteem and with the unsightly bumps, they not only inadvertently cause your confidence to take a plunge as you become exceedingly self-conscious, but may also ultimately be the very humps and bumps that hinder your route to success.

This is in stark contrast to a clean-cut face that instills confidence and accentuates approachability, factors that steer you in the right trajectory towards success.

So tackle those zits before they start to tackle your confidence.

  1. Mend that shiny crown

Nothing defines ‘unappealing’ better than a tuft of missing head on the crown of a man’s head.

Be it genetics or a sign that age has crept up on you, hair loss is a predicament many men find themselves in.

This unfortunate condition unquestionably strips a man of his appearance of success and the emptiness at the crest of his head is probably reflective of the waning confidence on the inside.

Hair loss crumbles a man’s successful image like no other and is consequentially the culprit to the lack of man’s mojo.

While hair loss may be a condition that plagues many men, it is important to fight hair loss in order to defend your image of success and confidence.

The magic to a more confidence and successful looking you

When it comes to aesthetic problems that afflict the male gender, Amaris B Clinic is an aesthetics clinic that knows it all.

Equipped with a multitude of aesthetic services, Amaris B Clinic is here to put your manly woes to a halt.

From botox to body contouring, Amaris B Clinic tackles your every aesthetic trouble, helping you to boost your image of masculinity.

Amaris B Clinic’s Acne Management

Acne outbreaks are not restricted to the face. Many a time, we find pimples popping up in areas such as the back, neck, chest, arms and shoulders, which may be troubling for us.

Depending on the severity of your condition, Dr. Ivan Puah will tailor a series of acne management protocol to address your acne concerns for example:

  • Non-inflammatory acne (comedones): – Blackheads, whiteheads
  • Inflammatory acne: – Papules, Pustules, Nodules and Cysts
  • Scarring and marks

These include Oral medications or Antibiotics, specialised medical grade peels, Dermabrasion, Laser Acne Treatment and Acne Care products. These treatments can help to control acne spots, blemishes, treat acne scars and even reduce post-acne pigmentation.

The efficacy of these treatments provides a huge relieve. Despite the severity of the condition, it’s good to know that they can be addressed when in good hands.

Amaris B Clinic’s Hair Loss Treatment

Follucular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplantation

Amaris B. Clinic utilises the SAFE system, the latest powered device that uses blunt dissection to isolate the follicular units from the surrounding tissue.

This enables our doctor to perform follicular extraction with precision and without causing follicular and loss that is usually associated with traditional FUE. The SAFE system’s breakthrough technology was created by a renowned American hair restoration surgeon.

Its improved cutting procedure provides more intact follicular units being harvested in every hair transplant.

The FUE (SAFE system) can also be used for facial hair treatment such as the beard, moustache and even eyebrows.

Male pattern hair loss is not a disease but it can cause great distress. With Amaris B. Clinic’s range of hair loss treatments, you can get the crowning glory that you truly deserve.

So men, remember, your aesthetics should never come between you and your confidence. With confidence and a presentable appearance, your battle to achieving success is already half won.

Speak to Amaris B to restore your confidence today.

Ivan Puah

Aesthetic Doctor

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Q-switch + HF Laser x 10 package $3000

What is Q-switch + HF Laser?

An anti-pigmentation and radiance laser, combined with a medical grade facial, to remove comedones, cure acne and get rid of pigmentation.

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Facial V-shaping (PDO Threads + Botox + Fillers) $2,500

What is Facial V-shaping?

A lunchtime, minimal-downtime procedure for V-shaping the mid-lower face for more youthful, heart-shaped proportions. A combination of the popular Korean Ultra V-lift using PDO threads with Botox for jaw slimming and fillers for chin enhancement.

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon


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