Did Kpop’s 4minute undergo plastic surgery?

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4minute plastic surgery

No publicity is bad publicity. This four member K-pop group 4minute which we’re about to discuss has had their fair share of all kinds of bad publicity. One of their members was caught in a nude photo leak scandal and has been threatened to be dropped by the group’s manager. Another time, one of their vans was raided by fans at a concert. Then of course there are the constant rumours of whether or not the group has had plastic surgery.

The nude photo scandal aside, we’re here to discuss the 4Minute plastic surgery rumours.


4minute Hyuna Plastic Surgery Transformation

Let’s start with the member at the centre of controversy: Kim Hyuna, better known to fans as Hyuna.

4minute Hyuna plastic surgery kpop

The singer is the main rapper of the group and part of the musical duo Trouble Maker. Hyuna first rose to fame as the lead rapper of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, before she left in 2007 due to health issues.

The issue that’s most on our mind with Hyuna is whether or not she went under the knife.

Hyuna Kim 4minute plastic surgery eyes

As we can see from the pictures above, it seems like Hyuna has had a little 4Minute plastic surgery done. She’s a chubby youngster in the before picture but chubby or not, we notice her eyes are the typical Korean eyes.

She is devoid of double eyelids and our inference based on the after picture, where her double eyelids suddenly appear tells us she’s had blepharoplasty.

We also notice she has “eye smiles” under her eyes, commonly known in Korea as aeygo sal. This tells us Hyuna has probably done fat grafting, where fat is taken from the thigh or abdomen and injected beneath the eyes to create that extra band of fat.

This look is popular in Korea as it gives the person a “cute” look and makes them look younger.

Did it work on Hyuna? We wouldn’t say she’s cute but it definitely makes her look younger than her 23 years.

4minute hyuna nose job rhinoplasty

Eye surgery aside, Hyuna’s’ other 4Minute plastic surgery procedures include a nose job. The poor kid had the fleshiest of nose tips as a child and we can clearly see why she had to alter it.

The first picture shows her with her bulky nose, where there’s hardly any bridge and very wide alars.

In the second picture, we see her vastly improved nose become taller, slimmer and more pointy at the tip.

Her alars have also been greatly reduced. This new nose is very beautiful and the only other thing competing for attention would be her wide mesmerizing eyes!

We hope all this 4Minute plastic surgery helps her win a get out of jail card in this scandal! (P.S Here’s our previous article on Hyuna)


4 minute Nam Ji-hyun Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next 4minute member is scandal free and squeaky clean. In fact, she’s currently a Dance major in contemporary ballet at Sangmyung University.

4minute Nam Ji-hyun plastic surgery

Who else could it be but Nam Ji-hyun, nickname Ji-hyun. Yet as scandal free as she is, Ji-hyun also faces accusations of 4Minute plastic surgery.

Let’s see if we can debunk those rumours.

Nam Ji-hyun 4minute plastic surgery eyes

Judging by the pictures above, we’re going to have a hard time convincing you Ji-hyun has not had 4Minute plastic surgery.

Her eyes are so blatantly small and narrow in the first picture where she squints at the camera.

The second picture, we see her with bigger, more wide open eyes.

Maybe it’s makeup. Maybe it’s plastic surgery. We reckon Ji-hyun has had magic epicanthoplasty to open up the corners of her eyes. They were certainly not that big before this.

We doubt she’s had double eyelid surgery, but we think she might have done ptosis surgery to pull up the muscles of her previously droopy eyelids that only made her look sleepy and hence contributed to her small eyes.

4minute ji-hyun nose procedure

While we can all agree Ji-hyun has a very beautiful petite nose, it wasn’t too long ago that she was photographed with something other than the one sitting on her face.

Yes, our squeaky clean Ji-hyun has gotten rhinoplasty.

We can clearly see she had a big ugly nose before and now she has a tall, very narrow nose. The tip has been raised to make it look less flat and there’s major silicon upholding that nose of hers.

You know what they say, no pain no gain! This 4Minute plastic surgery has been a boon to Ji-hyun.


4minute Heo Ga-yoon aka Gayoon Plastic Surgry Transformation

Our next 4minute plastic surgery member is theatre major Heo Ga-yoon, better known as Gayoon to fans.

4minute gayoon plastic surgery

We salute Gayoon for being able to juggle a full time career as a K-pop superstar with being a regular uni student. On top of that, Gayoon has seemingly managed to find time to undergo 4Minute plastic surgery as well!

Read on to find out the procedures that she had.

gayoon 4 minute plastic surgery

Now we know our faces change as they grow, but we do know that they do not morph drastically and lose a lot of bone mass.

Take a good look at the pictures above and tell us what you see. If you see obvious signs of jaw augmentation, more specifically V line surgery then you’re spot on!

Gayoon did have quite a pointy chin when young but her mandible was rather big, thus making her have an inverted triangle face. The V line surgery helped shave off most of the mandible bone and contribute to the beautiful slim jawline she has today.

We’d like to know the surgeon who performed this incredible 4Minute plastic surgery on Gayoon because we definitely like the results!

What other 4Minute plastic surgery do you think Gayoon has had? Have a look at the pictures below.

4minute gayoon double eyelid surgery

Gayoon has obviously had blepharoplasty to give her double eyelids that she so sorely lacks in her high school photo.

Her eyes are now much wider and bigger after the surgery and do not appear to droop over her eyes as they previously did in the before picture.

The bigger eyes have vastly improved her overall look and we think it’s a giant leap from where she started with the small narrow eyes.

Heo Ga-yoon nose rhinoplasty 4minute kpop

Of course, no 4Minute plastic surgery makeover would be complete without mention of a nose job. And of course, Gayoon is clearly guilty of this.

She has a short, fleshy nose in the first picture whereas the second picture shows her with a very well defined tip and super high nose bridge.

While the width of her alars remain the same, we can see the tip of her nose has been significantly raised to give her a sharper look. Gayoon’s nose certainly looks better now and we have the marvels of rhinoplasty to thank for it.


4minute Jeon Ji-Yoon Plastic Surgery Transformation

Multi-talented singer, rapper, dancer and songwriter Jeon Ji Yoon is the fourth member of 4Minute.

Jeon Ji Yoon 4minute plastic surgery korea

Ji-yoon like her fellow group mates is a uni student and like her fellow group mates, we have reason to believe she has gotten 4Minute plastic surgery.

4minute Jeon Ji Yoon plastic surgery procedures korea kpop

Ji-yoon may be a wide eyed beauty now but not too long ago, she was a victim of the Asian monolid. Her eyes, as shown in the first picture are really small and lack that extra eyelid crease.

Fast forward to a few years later and boom! She’s managed to get symmetrical, wide eyes. We personally think Ji-yoon might have gotten all the 4minute plastic surgery possible but from the pictures above, we see she has gotten double eyelid surgery as well as increased the horizontal length of her eyes, the latter of which was achieved through lateral and epi canthoplasty.

Jeon Ji-Yoon 4minute double eyelid surgery

Being Korean immediately puts one under suspicion of a nose job, but in this case, we believe the suspicion is rightly confirmed.

Just have a look at the before and after photos if you don’t believe it. While Jiyoon has maintained the length of her nose, the bridge of it has definitely increased by leaps and bounds no doubt because of a silicone implant in her nose.

The tip used to be a triangular bulb but now it has become M shaped, thanks to a little tiplasty.

Overall, this 4Minute plastic surgery has made Jiyoon go from a 2 to a solid 9.


4minute Kwon So-hyun Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our final 4Minute plastic surgery member is none other than baby of the group Kwon So-hyun.

4minute Kwon So-hyun plastic surgery

So-hyun was already a bona fide child star when she debuted with the group Orange when she was just 12 years old. Since then her star has been on the rise and we’ve seen her get bigger with 4Minute.

Having been in the limelight since young, we’ve been able to track So-hyuns gradual facial changes through the media.

For instance:

Kwon So-Hyun 4minute plastic surgery nose eyes jaw chin

Sohyun’s nose has definitely changed shape over the years. Especially the tip.

While she did not have sufficient nasal height, she did have a rather slim nose bridge. The only thing we can say she has done is gotten a silicone implant to increase nose height.

Further to that, she might have had her alars trimmed and the nasal tip raised.

4minute kwon so-hyun double eyelid surgery

A lot of people are still in debate over whether or not Sohyun did her eyes and to be honest, it is a tough one.

The star shared a recent throwback that featured a baby picture of her and her current self, and to be honest, she’s always had large and cute eyes since she was a kid.

It also doesn’t appear as if she’d had double eyelid surgery, as aside from the heavy eyeliner, they appear just as in her childhood photo.

What say you? Did Sohyun do her eyes? We think she’s in the clear for now, but perhaps she might change her mind and get 4Minute plastic surgery in the future.


Let’s take a look at the gradual transformation of 4minute

The girls as a group have evolved differently over time. Let’s go through their transformation picture by picture.

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (1)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (2)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (3)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (4)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (5)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (6)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (7)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (8)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (9)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (10)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (11)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (12)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (13)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (14)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (15)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (16)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (17)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (18)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (19)

4minute korea kpop girl group plastic surger (20)

Scandals and rumours aside, we think 4Minute is popular enough to withstand all bad publicity.

And like we said at the start, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

We hope the band churn out more wonderful music for years to come.

[Image credits: stuffpoint, tumblr, ohkpop, fanpop, daradaily, xingshu, blogspot, imageaffair]


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