3 signs you’re doing plastic surgery for the wrong reasons

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With plastic surgery being more widely accepted and even somewhat glamorized, many women find themselves turning to the knife to achieve their idea of perfection. Be it a little fine-tuning or an extreme makeover, many find plastic surgery their solution to attaining the ultimate beauty. While it is great to get a procedure done to better oneself in the beauty department, however, going under the knife for the wrong reasons might just be detrimental to you.

Here are the top three reasons you’re getting a transformation for the absolute wrong reasons.

1) Because my friend said so

Image credit: movinginsider

Image credit: movinginsider

When we talk about peer pressure, many associate it an adolescent issue and deem it juvenile. We can’t tell you how much we beg to differ. Peer pressure follows you everywhere you go, of course, assuming you have peers to begin with.

Many of us find ourselves caught between a rock and a hard place when presented with such predicament. Yes, even at age 30, we all still find ourselves trying to fit in, be it in the office or in our social life.

It is especially common for us ladies to succumb to these ‘pressures’ since women tend to be more catty and gossipy and we sure as hell do not want to be in the category of the ‘gossiped’, after all, that’s our pride at stake.

We want to be just as pretty as the other girls in the clique, I mean, come on, we don’t want to be sticking out like a sore thumb in the bevy of beauties when we girls hang out for Sunday brunch. All these sound all too familiar? Did we hit a raw nerve here?

Well, if so, then you need to be all ears. First of all, let’s not even go into how warped that clique sounds. If you are considering plastic surgery to avoid being gossiped or marginalized, it is the gravest mistake you can ever make.

Plastic surgery is a major life decision and much thought must be put into it before making this commitment.

Having regret a plastic surgery on your own accord is one thing, but to do it because you were pressured into doing so would take that regret to a whole new level. If plastic surgery is not your jam, don’t ever do it.

Love the body that you are blessed with and never allow others to have a take on the way you should or should not look. It’s your body after all, own it, love it.


2) I am bored and I just need a change

Image credit: abstractglam

Image credit: abstractglam

We women are easily bored and not to mention, very fickle minded. We constantly want change to make ourselves more interesting and attractive.

We change up our eye shadow color according to our mood for that day, so it’s best the boyfriend stayed clear if he saw black eye shadow.

We have probably 3 million ways to style our hair and another 4 million ways to curl them just to look slightly different from the previous day.

Our closets are bursting with new apparels from our daily indulgence simply because there is absolutely no such thing as having too many little black dresses. And that shoe rack…

It is apparent that we women thrive on change because we love anything new and glittery. It is quite alright for us to change up our fashion style, hairstyle among many others, however, it is not quite the same if you took that attitude to the plastic surgery department.

While you can easily wipe off that eye shadow that doesn’t quite sit well with you that day, or change out into 50 outfits before heading out for a girl’s night out, plastic surgery doesn’t quite work the same.

Hate to tell you this, but you can’t just wipe off that double eyelid surgery that you suddenly regret doing or change out into a smaller pair of boobs to fit in that cute tank.

The post surgery downtime is the most trying period for many, your face and body will be swollen and you may even look slightly mangled and unrecognizable.

It is a procedure that has serious repercussions should you not be mentality ready for it. So ladies, while we love change, plastic surgery is a procedure to be carefully thought out and not be done under any hasty conditions.


3) Because my boyfriend is in love with J.Lo and I need to be her

Image credit: evanmarckatz

Image credit: evanmarckatz

We get it when you get all upset or even incensed when your boo thing starts to get that wandering eyes syndrome, don’t worry, it’s the jealousy and frustration that’s consuming you, it’s natural. And because most men suffer from that very unfortunate malady, we ladies try our best to doll up and look pretty for our boo thing.

But what if your best is still not good enough for your man?

What if it required you to take on a completely new identity just to keep your man’s attention?

We know that there are many ladies out there who are willing to go great lengths just to please their man. But what exactly is the limit?

Putting on make up, prettying your hair up, donning a cute dress and topping it off with that pair of Jimmy Choo is great and really, all that you need. However, if you find yourself turning to drastic measures such as plastic surgery just to pander to your man, you might have taken too huge a step and it’s high time you take that one huge step back.

Getting plastic surgery just to hold on to your man would not only do your self worth a huge injustice, but we can assure you that you would also possibly end up hating that body that really doesn’t suit you.


Remember, because it’s your body and you need to face it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your new body has to be one that you to fall in love with, and not out of love.




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