3 procedures to magically look younger after lunch

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It’s finally lunchtime and you’ve absolutely had it for the day! You look yourself in the mirror before leaving the office and all you see is a worn and tired looking face.

Those wretched wrinkles on your forehead seemed to have accentuated across the week, those sunken cheeks due to the stress of the workload and my oh my, let’s not go to those listless looking eyes.

As depressing as it sounds, there are some quick fixes you can do in just 30 minutes, yes, you saw that right, only 30 minutes, to restore the youth in you.

Let’s find out how.

1)Free that forehead of wrinkles

Girl with wrinkles

If wrinkles on your forehead are your nemesis, consider getting wrinkle fillers. Hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane are the most popular fillers used to smooth out those creases on your forehead.

After the wrinkles on the forehead are located, these fillers are injected under the surface of the skin. The aesthetician will then ‘mold’ the fillers by massaging the injected area, allowing the fillers to sit nicely into the crevices.

The hyaluronic acid in the fillers, immediately fill those creases, giving it a more plump and smooth appearance.

2) Plump up those cheeks

Sunken cheeks are common as we get older since we start to shed those baby fats. It sure doesn’t help if the hectic workload is contributing to the hollows of our cheeks.

Sunken cheeks cause us to look older and even sickly and so the solution is to get them plumped up.

Mid-face lift likewise uses hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvedern, Restylane and Perlane. The fillers are injected into the mid section of the cheek to plump them up.

There are two ways in which the injection can be performed, depending on your aesthetician. One way is to inject from the bottom, up to your cheeks.

In this way, the needle is inserted diagonally from the side of your mouth, sliding the needle to the cheeks before injecting the fillers.

The other way, which is known to be a more effective way, but requires more control and precision, would be a direct shot to the middle of the cheeks.

In this way, the needle will be inserted into the middle of the cheek, through the skin and just right on top of the bone, the fillers will be injected.

The procedure is repeated a few times within a ‘triangular zone’ to give the section of the cheek a more perky and 3-dimentional finish.

3) Say goodbye to dark eye and eye hollows

Eye Hollows

Our eyes are the most important feature on our faces.

The brighter and fuller our eyes, the more attractive and youthful we look.

Aging is definitely one of the culprits that causes the sunken hollow eyes, but long hours on our work computer and those endless paperwork have definitely encouraged the dark rings around our under eyes.

Dark and sunken eyes make us appear tired terribly haggard.

It also seems to have the power to drain away what remaining youth we have left.

Fillers softens and rejuvenates the hollows, at the same time, eradicates dark circles to create more youthful look.

Small amounts of hyaluronic acid fillers are injected under the eyes.

This procedures instantly lifts and plumps the hollows of the under eye to restore a more youthful contour between your eyes and cheeks.

Time to look younger

Each procedure only takes 30 minutes or less and they are almost painless.

There might be slight bruising on the area that the procedure is performed but all you need is to whip out your trusty concealer because there’s nothing your concealer and foundation can’t fix.

Do a little touch up on the bruised area and you are good to go.

So if you’re having one of those ‘I feel awfully ugly and need to look beautiful immediately’ days, make a consultation with your aesthetician and visit him or her during your lunch.

We ensure that you’ll feel rejuvenated, more confident and look younger even before your lunch hour is up!

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