28 year-old woman who looks 80 with “ageing” disorder undergoes Plastic Surgery

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Chinese woman affected by cutis laxa

If you take a first glance at this woman, you wouldn’t give a second thought about her age.

She looks like someone who is a grandmother and has lived many years on this earth. If you’d asked us, we’d think she looks 80.

With droopy eyelids, wrinkled and saggy skin, droopy eyebags, no one will fault you if you think she looks that old.

But in reality – even the team here at PlastyTalk is shocked – that she is in fact only 28 years old.

So how did Hu Junhua who is in fact 28 years old go on to look like she is 80?

28 year old who looks 80 with condition called cutis laxa

The sad story began after Hu gave birth to her first child 11 years ago in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

After the birth, her appearance began changing rapidly, giving the impression that she is ageing prematurely.

Her condition as diagnosed by doctors is Cutis laxa.

Cutis laxa is a rare connective tissue disorder in which the skin becomes inelastic and hangs loosely in folds.

The skin becomes wrinkled at an accelerated pace due to the loss in elasticity.

While the rest of her body looks fine, the condition is very pronounced in the skin of her face and neck.

woman with cutix laxa from china at a medical conference

woman with cutix laxa from china

Hu has said that the condition has negatively affected her relationship with others as well as most importantly her self confidence.

She has avoided going out and also avoided looking into the mirror, and she has gradually noticed her relationship with her son being more distant.

The only bright spot among this tragedy is that Hu’s husband has faithfully stood by her side all this while.

woman with cutix laxa from china at a medical conference for her condition

According to Xinhua, the condition is very rare and and less than 10 people have been diagnosed with this disorder, and only 1 in China.

There is no effective treatment, but plastic surgery could help correct the appearance.

So at the end of November she arrived in Shanghai seeking plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

In Shanghai, a plastic surgery clinic put together a team of plastic surgeons to help Hu, including a psychologist who will counsel her through her looks change.

Woman who is 28 but looks 80 years old from China

28 year old Chinese woman Hu Junhua who looks 80

The expert group has come to the conclusion that because there is no cure behind this condition, plastic surgery is the only option for Hu Junhua.

The expert panel will use a variety of methods to treat Hu, which includes trichiasis to treat the lid abnormality, upper and lower eyelid surgery, face lift combined with fat augmentation and also filling facial wrinkles and depressions in the face.

Let’s hope that she is now able to live her life normally with an improved self confidence, just like this Korean woman Kim Hee Eun who have found a new lease of life with her improved appearance.


[Image credits: HuffPo, Xinhua]


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