15 yr old girl undergoes Extreme Plastic Surgery to win back ex, becomes internet sensation

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Ok ladies, let’s be honest. We’ve all been there. We break up, we grieve, but when we’re back on our two feet, the ‘I am going to be the next Beyonce’ mode will be in overdrive.  We do absolutely anything it takes, to shape up, look insanely hot, just to let our exes know what they’re missing out on.

Apparently, 15-year old Lee Hee did that and way more. Going to the extremes of plastic surgery just to win her old flame back was perhaps a tad too radical, but hey, we’re not judging. We guess it’s the power of love that Celine Dion so preaches.

So did Lee Hee get her old flame back? Well, in fact, this 15 year old got more than she bargained for. Her Weibo is now flooding with followers with claims that ‘she is too beautiful to look at’.

So has Lee Hee really become a goddess? We’ll leave that to your discretion.

Lee Hee Danae

Lee Hee Danae Henan China plastic surgery

Lee Hee Danae Henan China plastic surgery 15 years old

It looks like Lee Hee has jumped onto the ‘excruciatingly sharp chin’ bandwagon that many Asians today have a penchant for.

But we got to say that it looks way too contrived and doesn’t look quite as good as we would have liked it to be.

Too sharp Lee Hee, too sharp!

Lee Hee China Doll

Lee Hee china girl had plastic surgery to win back ex boyfriend

Lee Hee Henan China plastic surgery to win ex boyfriend

Lee Hee China

And then we have the huge bazookas. We guess Lee Hee lives by the theory of ‘pump up those chest to get the best (man)’ and pump away she did.

Truth to be told, those heaving bosoms might just be 10 cup sizes too big for her small frame, making her seem slightly disproportionate. It’s all about the proportions, little one.

But if she’s loving it, who are we to say no?

Lee Hee Danae weibo China

China Henan Lee Hee

At the time of publishing this post, her weibo account has ballooned to 575k followers in a matter of hours!

Lee Hee from China had plastic surgery

Lee Hee Henan China girl

Oh honey, those eyes! Is it just us, but those eyes are seriously way too huge for her teeny tiny face. But since huge eyes, sharp chin and ginormous breasts are in trend, 15-year old Lee Hee thought it only made sense to get the above mentioned fixed.

We hope that Lee Hee’s jerk of an ex boyfriend has gotten back to her by now, considering this girl had sacrificed so much, getting this much reconstructive work done to her eyes, nose, chin and breast just to win him back.

We’re actually curious to find out what big of a catch this boyfriend of hers is, for Lee Hee to do this much for him.

Henan Lee Hee China plastic surgery

With regard to the claims of Lee Hee being ‘too beautiful to look at’, we have our reservations. Too large eyes, too slim nose, too sharp chin and too huge breasts. The exaggerated features make her seem slightly outlandish and unreal.

Could she be the Asian version of Valeria Lukyanova? Only time will tell. Regardless, we hope that Lee Hee is happy with the way she is now and that she finds true happiness really soon.

What do you think?


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