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Now, you have always wanted to do fillers and since information on this procedure is not readily available, your next best bet is to comb through the internet for Singapore reviews on fillers.

We know you’re anxious, because going ahead with a procedure without ample information is a big no-no.

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So we decided to help expedite your research process and have compiled a list of Singapore bloggers who have undergone fillers and shared their reviews in hopes that you will be able to understand the procedure a little better.

Here is more information on fillers.

Fillers will help to smooth away lines and wrinkles, as well as rejuvenate skin that has aged or has been under the sun too much. Our youthful skin is rich in hyaluronic acid but as age catches on, the function of hyaluronic acid in our skin change leading to signs of ageing, thus the need for fillers.


Elaine Heng fillers review

Elaine, who is also Miss Singapore International World 2008, wanted to regain her youthful looks as well as make her features more defined. Due to her work schedule, she sleeps late at night and that accelerated the ageing process, so she is turning to fillers to turn back her ageing clock. She had her fillers done at The Clifford Clinic.

Temple fillers

She started with fillers injected into her temple where she lost a lot of volume over the years. She was also worried about the pain, but the pain turned out to be nothing more than an ant bite pain.

Her brand of fillers used was Juvederm.

Blogger Elaine Heng temple fillers Singapore

Chin fillers

She then moved on to her chin. She has always hated her chin as she have always found it short in comparison to the rest of her features.

Elaine Heng Ms Singapore International World 2008 Fillers treatment

Here is the result from her chin and temple fillers:

Elaine Heng Blogger before after fillers in Singapore

Elaine is happy with the results of her fillers treatment, where her temples are now fuller giving her a more youthful appearance. She also loves her now defined chin which gives her facial appearance a much more balanced look.

Elaine Heng blogs at elaineheng.blogspot.com.

Xiaxue fillers review

Xiaxue was one of the first bloggers to blog about her plastic surgery experiences online. She has done both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Read more here on all of xiaxue’s plastic surgery procedures.

Xiaxue had her fillers done at TLC clinic. Xiaxue’s motivation for fillers was to get fuller lips.

Lip fillers

The doctor started out with nunbing cream on her lips.

xiaxue numbing cream on lips

After a short while, the Doctor proceeded to do the fillers after the numbing cream took effect.

Xiaxue undergoing lip fillers

In her own words, Xiaxue’s review of the procedure was that it was easy and the filler injection was slightly painful but very tolerable.

On a pain scale of 10, the pain would be a 3 or 4.

After the entire procedure, she said she felt like someone punched her in the mouth, but that it could also be the numbing cream effect.

Results of Xiaxue’s lip fillers

Xiaxue lip fillers before after

Watch the video of Xiaxue’s filler injections:

Xiaxue blogs at xiaxue.blogspot.sg.

Tammy Tay (ohsofickle) fillers review

Tammy had her fillers done at Yume Aesthetics. Tammy’s motivation for fillers was to a more defined V-shaped face.

Chin fillers

She loves fillers because it looks so natural that no one suspected anything. With chin fillers, you get an instant sharper face in minutes, instead of the years it takes to lose the baby fats on the face.

Her brand of fillers used was Radiesse.

ohsofickle tammy tay fillers review

The next day after the procedure, most of the swelling or redness from the Radiesse injection has subsided. She was back doing things as normal.

Radiesse will remain soft and pliable, and will just feel and look just like your natural tissue.

tammy tay (ohsofickle) fillers

One week later, she went back for a review and a top up with extra fillers. By then, any swelling would have subsidised and it was possible to fine-tune the perfect chin.

Tammy Tay blogs at ohsofickle.blogspot.sg.

Rachel Tan fillers review

Rachel had her fillers done at Prive clinic. Rachel’s motivation for fillers was that she always felt her nose bridge was lacking in height and her nose tip was not tall. She also had issues with her short chin.

For her chin, the Doctor observed that her chin was slightly lopsided so the fillers would help  fix that.

Nose bridge, Nose Tip & Chin fillers

Her brand of fillers used was Radiesse.

blogger rachel tan fillers procedure

The doctor said that for nose bridge fillers, remember not to frown the next few days as the nose bridge will be quite tall and you don’t want the fillers being pressed down to the other areas of the face.

She had swelling on her nose immediately after the procedure which resulted in (in her words) an exaggerated nose bridge and long chin. On a side note, she loved the exaggerated look.

rachel tan fillers review

rachel tan nose and chin fillers review blogger

The swelling went down the next day, and she was left with only slight bruises on her chin which she could easily cover with make up. On average, bruising and swelling will last roughly about 3 – 5 days.

For those with work or school, if you do it on a Friday, by Monday you’re good to go without the bruising and swelling.

Her fillers cost $900 per area and it did not hurt at all due to the numbing cream.

Her overall review of fillers is very positive and she loves the natural look and her only regret was that she did not do it earlier!

Rachel Tan blogs at rachelltan.com.

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Donna Goh (ponyonhighstreet) fillers review

Donna had her fillers done at DRx. Donna’s motivation for fillers was because in her pictures, she looks like she has a “dent” in her cheeks. As for her chin, she wants to have a longer and sharper shaped face so that her face looks slimmer.

Cheeks & Chin fillers

Her brand of fillers used was Filorga.

donna goh (ponyonhighstreet) fillers procedure

She felt the fillers going under her skin but she felt no pain at all whatsoever.

Her whole procedure took roughly 30 – 40 mins, and she was at ease the entire time.

donna goh (ponyonhighstreet) fillers before after

The next day after her procedure she felt the effects weren’t as pronounced because the swelling subsided. So remember that the look you have immediately after fillers is not permanent and it will subside in the coming days ahead.

In all, she is very happy now that she has visibly fuller cheeks and sharper chin. She says the cheeks give her a more youthful look especially when she smiles because it is so round and defined.

Donna Goh blogs at ponyonhighstreet.blogspot.sg.

Crystal Phuong fillers review

Crystal had her fillers done at Astique The Aesthetics Clinic. Crystal’s motivation for fillers was to create a higher nose and a longer V-shaped chin.

Nose and chin fillers

Numbing cream was applied before the filler procedure.

singapore blogger crystal fillers applying numbing cream

Her brand of fillers used was Restylane.

As she already has a high nose, only a small amount of fillers was injected into her nose.

Her case for chin fillers was more unique as she has a scar on her chin from a childhood accident, and in her previous filler procedure, some of the fillers flowed down from her chin to the neck.

So the Doctor tried a different approach for her this time round, by injecting into the upper part of the chin instead of the usual lower chin.

singapore blogger crystal undergoing fillers

This time, the fillers did not flowed down to her neck because of the scar on her chin. She got the result she wanted. which is a higher nose and a longer V shape chin.

Crystal fillers review before after - singapore review


In her own review, “I don’t see why we need to hide it away or feel embarrassed about it. After all, it’s a very common aesthetic treatment with no downtime, safety, pain free and quick compares to plastic surgery. Who doesn’t want to look good anyway! ”

Crystal blogs at crystalphuong.net.

Shenny Yang fillers review

Shenny had her fillers done at IDS clinic. Shenny’s motivation for fillers was that she was very concerned about her severe dark eye circles. Even with concealers, her dark eye circles cannot be concealed so she is very concerned about this issue because it makes her look old and haggard.

The doctor said that there is a “dent” under her eyes which creates a shadow which makes the dark eye circles more prominent. Therefore she should fill it the “dent” with fillers.

Dark Eye Circle Fillers

The doctor started off by numbing and icing the area around her eyes before the actual fillers injection.

Surprisingly, the pain level for her procedure was 0/10.

shennyyang fillers procedure process

The following picture is the result a few days after the dark eye circle fillers procedure (Note: NO photoshop done).

shennyyang few days after fillers

In the before after fillers picture below (3 weeks apart), you can see the difference for her dark eye circles.

shennyyang before fillers and after

In summary she is really happy about the results, because it was an instant effect.

She also uses less concealer nowadays and that because she only used one syringe of fillers for this procedure, she thinks it’s really a good procedure to undergo.

Shenny Yang blogs at shennyyang.blogspot.sg.

Lian Mei Ting fillers review

Lian Mei Ting had her fillers done at Phoenix Medical Group. Lian Mei Ting’s motivation for fillers was that the area between her eyes was totally flat, so she used fillers to fill up the nose bridge gap.

Nose Bridge fillers

To put things in perspective, this was how she looked before nose bridge fillers.

lian mei ting nose bridge fillers before

Her brand of fillers used was Restylane.

After 20mins when the numbing cream took effect, the Doctor proceeded to fill up the hollow area between the eyes.

She said it felt funny and not painful at all, probably due to the numbing cream.

lian mei ting filler nose bridge

As this was her first time doing fillers, the doctor wanted to space out her procedure in order to allow her to heal properly. He also didn’t want her to look artificial, so her next filler treatment was about a month after her first procedure.

2nd filler session (one month after the first)

After a month when she went back, she felt very comfortable because she knew what to expect and the pain level was in her words “very very bearable”.

Her 2nd session took about 45mins to an hour, and she will need to go back in about 6 months once the fillers have dissolved away.

singapore blogger lian mei ting nose bridge fillers before after

Her fillers review is that she is very satisfied with her filler treatment. She also wants to add that, “Do keep in mind that fillers can only add height to your nose bridge and not make your nose look smaller if it is huge.”

Lian Mei Ting blogs at lianmeiting.blogspot.sg.

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Vikki Effynius fillers review

Vikki had her fillers done at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery. Vikki’s motivation for fillers was that she feels she has a non-existing nasal bridge. After consultation, she also realised she had a dent on the nasal tip.

Nose bridge & Nasal tip fillers

Numbing cream took 15 minutes, and after that as an extra precaution, her Doctor gave her an anesthetic injection. She felt no pain during the anesthetic injection, probably due to the numbing cream effect.

She started first with the nose bridge fillers.

Her brand of fillers used was Revanesse.

vikki effynius nose bridge fillers process

As for pain for nose bridge fillers, she did not feel pain. She felt something (that she can’t put into words), but it was not pain.

Nasal tip fillers

She then started the nasal tip fillers.

vikki effynius nasal tip fillers process

As for the pain, the nasal tip filler was painful, much more than what she expected.

vikki effynius before after nose fillers

vikki effynius before after nose fillers 2

There was slight bruising and injection holes after the procedure, but she feels that overall it looks natural.

She warns that the nose bridge will be much higher and sharper than desired right after the filler injection. If you are just about satisfied with the result, you should request for more as the swell and anesthetic will ease after some time and the final result can be less than expected.

Vikki blogs at effynius.com.

Jamie Tan fillers review

Jamie had her fillers done at DRx. Jamie’s motivation for fillers was that she was unhappy with her low nose bridge, which made her sunglasses slide off her face.

Nose bridge fillers

The actual filler process took about 10 – 15 minutes.

As for pain, on a scale of 1 – 10, it is 0. This is due to the numbing cream and also the icing of the area before the procedure.

Jamie Tan nose fillers

She only used 1/2 syringe so she had to return to finish up the rest within the next 3 months (though some people fill it up at other areas).The doctor suggested that she waited to see how quickly the fillers metabolized for me before deciding on whether I need to touch up the fillers at the bridge of her nose.

Jamie Tan after nose fillers

Jamie was happy with her procedure because it looked natural. There was some bruising at the injection point on the nose bridge, but concealer was able to hide it well.

She couldn’t wear shades for the next two weeks after her procedure because she had to wait till the fillers “set in” properly.

She used fillers because firstly it is non-invasive and secondly the effect is temporary so if she did not like it she could just waited till it metabolized.

Jamie Tan blogs at jamietyj.blogspot.sg.

Naomi Liu fillers review

Naomi had her fillers done at Astique Aesthetics. Naomi’s motivation for fillers was for a more feminine jawline.

Chin fillers

Her brand of fillers used was Juvederm.

Naomi Liu fillers review

She was very nervous to begin with, and she didn’t feel any particular discomfort during the procedure.

Naomi Liu fillers before after

She is happy with her results that she has a more defined face shape.

Naomi Liu blogs at naomiliu.blogspot.sg.

Carrie Sim fillers review

Carrie had her fillers done at Kae Clinic Medical Aesthetics. Carrie’s motivation for fillers was that she has always believed aesthetics or plastic surgery when done right can make a person look gentler and edgier, enhancing one’s overall presentation and looks.

Middle Cheek &  Nose & Tear Trough (undereye) fillers

Numbing cream took about 20 minutes and she started with cheek fillers.

Her brand of fillers used was Restylane Perlane for cheeks and nose, and Restylane Vital Light for tear trough.

Cheek Fillers

The cheek fillers were painless and she barely had any discomfort. She does feel the prick of the needle but not the pain, and she adds that its a “strange” feeling.

Blogger Carrie Sim fillers review

Tear Trough Fillers

Moving on to the tear trough fillers, she does feel an immediate effect that the tear troughs is gone. See what she means in the picture below. In this case, her eye bags have been removed.

For this she had very minor discomfort.

Blogger Carrie Sim tear trough fillers

Nose Fillers (Nose Bridge & Nose tip)

Blogger Carrie Sim nose filler

Nose fillers for Carrie was a painful experience. She has a sensitive nose and a low tolerance for pain, so this was a bad experience for her. The most painful part was the injection into the nose tip.

After the fillers were injected into the nose, it was carefully molded to form the high nose bridge.

In all she had a positive fillers experience and she is really happy with the results because she felt the procedure enhanced her looks without changing them. She wants to look like herself and retain her individuality, and the fillers did the job for her by enhancing how she looks while retaining her original looks.

Carrie blogs at thecambelles.com.


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