10 Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Tips by Dr Colin Tham

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In the last Doctor Opinion chapter on Upper Blepharoplasty (Double eyelid surgery) part 1, Dr Colin Tham shared a lot on his personal expertise and some invaluable tips on pre-surgery decision-making as well as pre-surgery Dos and Don’ts.

But with the Upper Blepharoplasty surgery all set and done, just what should you expect during the post-surgery period as well the the things you can do to hasten the recovery process? Dr Colin Tham is back with more tips on Upper Blepharoplasty Part 2.

Double eyelid surgery blepharoplasty


1) What can I expect right after an Upper Blepharoplasty surgery?

Swelling will increase over the 1st 48 hours with occasional bruising. However, vision will not be not affected.

2) What is the post surgery care?

Medications for swelling are provided as well as painkillers although  the latter is seldom consumed; it is usually not very painful post-surgery.

3) What is the recovery time for the different methods?

Non-incisional method usually looks presentable within 3-5 days.

Incisional method varies according to patient, height of fold and amount of fat removed.  Most patients return to work within a week.  Stitch removal is 5 days after surgery.

4) Are there any foods to avoid or any lifestyle change?

No foods to avoid.  No lifestyle changes are necessary; smoking cessation is beneficial but not essential.

5) What are some of the ways to hasten the recovery process?

Anti-swelling / bruising medications that are provided should be taken.

Healthy living: sleep, balanced diet, vitamin C >2g/day, hydration.  We use electromagnetic wireloops that seem to decrease the severity and duration of bruising and swelling by half. Also, Sleeping propped up has minor benefits.

6) When can I start working out and going back to work?

Anytime.  For practical purposes, most wait until the stitches are removed (5 days post) before heading back.

7) When can I put on make up?

Makeup can be put on about 1 week after surgery.

8) How long does it take for the swelling to go down for it to be imperceptible?

It is very variable. But it ranges from 1 week to 2 months.

9) How long before the result is permanent for each method?

I would say that the results are more stable after the 1st month for both methods.  The incisional method is obviously much stronger than the non-incisional method.

10) Any tips for patients from your (Dr Colin Tham’s) personal experience?

I would suggest seeing a qualified surgeon who is capable of performing all methods of upper blepharoplasties, including ptosis repair.  That would ensure an objective assessment of your needs.  I have had patients who were talked into undergoing the stitch method simply because the doctor they saw only knew how to perform that method.  They ended up requiring revisions with incisional techniques; more cost, more downtime and compromised results.  The 1st operation is the best opportunity to get an ideal result.


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