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EXO Kai botched plastic surgery (2)

Netizens claim EXO’s Kai beyond recognition from botched plastic surgery

And so, yet another K-pop idol has fallen victim to the ubiquitous plastic surgery culture in South Korea. The only thing that’s different this time round, it’s a male idol! While it is no secret that plastic surgery is almost mandatory
Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (20)

Find out more about the amazing Crayon Pop plastic surgery

You know you’ve made it big when there’s a parody video of your top hit on SNL Korea and you’re the opening act for Lady Gaga. Couple that with your army of screaming fans and you know life is peachy. Welcome
Kara plastic surgery Kpop (5)

Want to know about Kpop Kara plastic surgery?

We’re sure all of you have heard the hit song “Break It” and sung along to the likes of “Honey” “Mister” and “Step”. We know you know the dance moves by heart and can name all the singers off hand. Yes, you
Tara plastic surgery Korea Kpop  (19)

The sensational changes behind Kpop T-ara Plastic Surgery

Becoming a bona fide South Korean pop girl group is not just a matter of being discovered or being in the right place at the right time. It’s a matter of hard work and of training for years before officially “debuting.”
EXO baekhyun plastic surgery 1

Did EXO’s Baekhyun undergo plastic surgery?

The big question for Kpop EXO fans – Did Byun Baekhyun undergo plastic surgery? Recently Korean netizens got into a heated discussion on this topic. On October 9th, a post on Korean forum Pann gained much interest after it focused on photographic