Plastic Surgery Clinic Divides Staff Parking Lots by Breast Size

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Just when you though the worst of sexism was over with the rise of the feminist movement, a plastic surgery clinic in Shandong is now getting unwanted attention by assigning its parking spaces not numbers, but breast sizes.

Plastic surgery clinic divide up car park space by bra size

According to the Shanghaiist, it’s unclear how strictly this parking regulation is enforced or what the point of it is at all really, but Chinese netizens say they would feel a bit awkward about parking in any of the spaces because colleagues would know their true breast size.

Judging by the picture below though, not everyone feels that way with a huge Ford squeezed in the “A-cup” space. What matters here is self-confidence.

Plastic surgery clinic divide up car park space by bra size 4

And unsurprisingly, the “D-cup” space is conspicuously unoccupied. Perhaps no one wanted to “show off” unless there was a hot guy/doctor/surgeon in the office.

Plastic surgery clinic divide up car park space by bra size 5

“What about men? Do they have to park based on length?” wondered one netizen.

If that was the case, you will probably see the parking lots empty for the shortest length.


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