Netizens claim EXO’s Kai beyond recognition from botched plastic surgery

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And so, yet another K-pop idol has fallen victim to the ubiquitous plastic surgery culture in South Korea. The only thing that’s different this time round, it’s a male idol!

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (6)

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (8)

While it is no secret that plastic surgery is almost mandatory for female idols in the K-pop world, it is interesting that the male idols are now sucked into the crazy trend.

And if you are wondering who it is, it’s Kai for EXO! It has been rumored that this pop idol has undergone several plastic surgery procedures and is not only on the verge of losing all traces of his inherent features, but also his pretty face.

Kai’s recent appearance on stage has proven that the rumors proved true.

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (5)

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (7)

With a swollen pair of double eyelids and an usually tall of nose bridge, Kai looked like he had come right out of the surgical door and strewn right onto the stage.

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (3)

While Kai evidently notices his botched double eyelid surgery and attempts to conceal his imperfection, it was clearly a failed endeavor.

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (4)

With Kai’s extreme plastic surgery transformation, it is apparent that the pop idol had undergone a double eyelid surgery to not only increase the height of his crease, but also a Canthoplasty, to cut the inner corners of his eye to give the eyes more shape and depth.

EXO Kai botched plastic surgery (1)

But like any other female pop idol, Kai didn’t just stop at 1 plastic surgery procedure.

The pop star also went ahead and had a rhinoplasty done.

His younger days revealed a bulbous nose that lacked height and basically, all things beautiful.

EXO Kai botched plastic surgery (2)

Post surgery spots a more defined nose albeit far from perfection.

EXO Kai plastic surgery korea (2)

Kai is one of the few unfortunate celebrities that has had perhaps a botched plastic surgery procedure.

Let’s hope Kai is able to return to normalcy soon because that face right now – it’s definitely not a money making one.

[Source: Koreaboo]


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