Doctor Spotlight: Aesthetician Dr Gerard Ee

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In this Doctor’s spotlight series, Dr Gerard Ee sheds light on his choice of Aesthetics as a career and the reason behind his refusal to stop learning. His expertise coupled with patience, Dr Gerard Ee has undoubtedly produced remarkable results for each and every one of his patients.

Dr Gerard Ee

Obtaining his medical degree from St George’s University of London in the United Kingdom, Dr Gerard Ee’s wealth of medical and surgical knowledge is amassed from years of experience by working internationally in the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), National University Hospital (NUH), as well as Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr Gerard Ee achieved his Diploma in Practical Dermatology (Cardiff), his Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2012 and has since paid special interest in dermatology and is fully accredited in aesthetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, lasers and light therapies.

Having received training from London, to New York and then to Singapore, Dr Gerard Ee refuses to stop learning. With frequent trips to region countries such as Korea, Thailand and Malaysia, Dr Ee actively engages in seminars and trainings to ensure that he is constantly kept abreast with the latest and most refined methods and technology. This has allowed Dr Ee to not only learn from experts around the globe through shared experience and discussions, but it also helps Dr Ee to continuously fine tune his practice to achieve the remarkable results he produces for his patients.

To the professional, it is the capacity to look through the lenses of aesthetic perfection and producing optimal results with minimal treatment procedures for the patients, that Dr Gerard Ee strongly stands by in his profession. Dr Ee works towards enhancing his patients’ appearance without them having to go through drastic changes, maintaining his patients’ natural countenance but with an added boost of refinement.

Despite being an expert at what he does, Dr Gerard Ee always stood by what he took away from years of training and experience in the aesthetic department; to always listen to his patients, understand their main concerns with compassion and thereby helping them to address and improve their insecurities.

The Clifford Clinic - Dr Gerard Ee

Why Aesthetics as a career?

Dr Ee was actually trained as a surgeon in his early days in his hospital career. Subsequently, the profession took a shift in interest in Dermatology and went ahead to pursue a career in Aesthetic Medicine. According to Dr Gerard Ee, the Aesthetic Medicine field is one that is fast evolving and immensely exciting. The results that Aesthetic Medicine produces are astounding and it has since given Dr Ee the job satisfaction that he that he deeply appreciates.

To Dr Ee, making his patients feel more confident, happy and satisfied with their appearance is his motivation behind his career as an aesthetician. The ability to make a potential difference in his patients’ career advancement and the knowledge of his patients being more outgoing with their family and friends with a slight twig in their appearances, pushes Dr Ee to do what he loves.

Dr Gerard Ee specializes in acne and anti-ageing treatments. Having developed an excellent protocol that he uses in his clinic, the treatments that Dr Ee provides has proven to show excellent results for acne. His training as a surgeon in his younger days has allowed Dr Gerard Ee to be proficient in minimally invasive procedures like thread lifts or medical equipment that stimulate collagen growth and thereby fighting ageing.

Gerard Ee


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4.9 stars from 3 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
4.9 stars from 3 reviews

Botox + Filler (Jaw & Chin & Nose) $2000

Q-switch + HF Laser x 10 package $3000

Fractional CO2 Laser x 5 package $2450 x 10 package $3900


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What is Facial V-shaping?

A lunchtime, minimal-downtime procedure for V-shaping the mid-lower face for more youthful, heart-shaped proportions. A combination of the popular Korean Ultra V-lift using PDO threads with Botox for jaw slimming and fillers for chin enhancement.

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