Guide to Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgery done to help women whose breast have sagged. Breast sagging happens as part of the natural ageing process, as gravity takes a toll on a woman’s breast. This surgery usually also repositions the nipple higher on the chest wall, and is sometimes done together with breast augmentation.

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One good way to test if you need breast lift surgery is to put a pencil under the breast, and if it stays there, breast lift might be a good option.

Breast Lift Singapore

Who is suitable for this procedure?

This procedure is suitable at any age after the breast have finished developing. One can also undergo this procedure before and after pregnancy as this will not affect breast feeding.

When you consult your cosmetic surgeon, do share what your goals are so you will be able to get a satisfactory result. Let me cosmetic surgery doctor know the shape and size of the breast you would like.

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure usually takes about two to three hours, and is done under general anesthesia (though some plastic surgeons do it under local), and performed outpatient with no overnight stay in the hospital. Prior to the surgery, the plastic surgeon will make markings on your breast. Extra skin will then be removed and the breast tissue will be moved up into a better position. If you’re undergoing breast implants at the same time, the implants will be inserted at this time and then closed up.

How is post-operative care?

After the surgery, you will need to wear a special bra to support your breast during recovery. There will be swelling and bruising, so avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting for at least four weeks after surgery.

If you have breast implant together with your breast lift surgery, do avoid any impact to your chest which could make the implants rupture.

The stitches will be removed about two weeks after surgery, and upon recovery, if there is any difference in symmetry between the breasts, the plastic surgeon will do a small touch up as necessary thereafter.

As with any surgery, there is the risk of infection. Do take good care of the wound and take medications as directed by the doctor. With such surgery, loss of sensation in the nipple is rare.

I want to undergo Breast Lift. How can I find a qualified Doctor?

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